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2021 Nominated

Innovation Award

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2013 Nominated

Best Social Media Tool

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2021 Nominated

Transforming Services

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QR Codes
Love local database
Porirua Cemetery QR Code walk

2021 NOMINATED: Innovation Award, QR Code walk at Porirua Cemetery

Telling the stories of some of the veterans at rest in Porirua Cemetery has become a lot easier. I worked closely with the Cemetery Manager and completed the installation of 16 QRS codes on distinctive red posts in the cemetery, off Kenepuru Dr. Visitors can scan the codes with their smartphone and it takes the user to the Council cemeteries website, where they can read a little more about the person buried in that gravesite. Find out a little bit more

Love Local

2020 NOMINATED: LGFA Award for Transforming Services Delivery

Nominated: During the 2020 Lockdown created a fluid, real-time digital strategy to manage Porirua City Council, Te Rauparaha Arena and Porirua Libraries. Adjusting our communications in real time to deliver timely and relevant content. This also required an online database solution for the Love Local Campaign, part of the Covid-19 recovery plan. Created a web based solution, allowing business owners to submit their details via a digital form and a Facebook Group, called Love Local - Porirua. Giving business owners and the local community to engage with each other.

social savvy, uk social media awards

2013 NOMINATED: Best Social Media Tool

Nominated: Working for a Salesforce Implementation company, SolX Consulting, we were often asked how to generate leads from social media into their salesforce database. I created a solution which allowed customers to use Facebook Business page, generating leads into their database, using a third party tool called Pagemodo.I also demo'd this at a customer event, which was a huge success. This page allowed customers to vote for the five most popular charts by entering their details, each entry was then populated into salesforce, which we then displayed using dashboards and reports.


2013 PARTNERSHIP: AppExchange

Partnership: With endorsement from the Managing Director and CEO at SolX Consulting I collaborated with the partnerships team, set up and managed SolX Consulting AppExhange landing page. The AppExchange is a fast and easy way to extend your businesses Salesforce experience, highlight best practice solutions and share your experience with a vast range of customers. This facility allowed us to showcase some of our best projects and apps.

G-Cloud Framework

2018 AWARDED: G-Cloud Framework

Awarded: Collaborated with the Public Sector team at Condeco to create a series of content with a public sector focus, based in line with the G-Cloud Framework. G-Cloud Framework: G-Cloud 10 is the latest version of the government’s procurement system allowing all public sector organisations to access cloud technology and services from pre-approved suppliers, cutting out lengthy tender processes and red tape. As a member of the G-Cloud 10 system, Condeco’s solutions are now pre-approved and directly available to all public sector organisations.

G-Cloud supplier
AI product solution

A.I. product solution | Condeco


Working with the product development team, I could see a potential for a prototype product using A.I. which would make a big splash in the market. This prototype used our existing room booking technology and combined with A.I. Voice assistants allowing users to book a room directly with an Alexa. After discussions with the product team, I created a content strategy for A.I. Virtual and Augmented reality, creating content which the sales, product and executive teams could use to present to customers and investors.

Ebook | Event | Influencer blogging | Thought leadership | Published articles

emergency pop up banner

Emergency pop up Banner on website


I facilitated the installation of an emergency pop up banner, to allow the Communications team to announce major updates and information across all four websites (Porirua City Council, Pataka, Porirua Libraries and Te Rauparaha Arena) I created guidelines for the banner, including colour, levels, links and who actives the banner. During Covid-19 2020 lockdown, this became an integral part of the Communications and Marketing plan.

Pop Up Banner | Automated Pricing | CTA's and downloads | Website Training | 3-Factor | Cloud document storage | Webchat | Live streamed Council meetings | QR Code experience

powtoon video platform

Animated video platform | Powtoon

Working at DXC, all our video was outsourced through our USA office, and we needed a solution where we could create short and Sharpe internal videos. I used pontoon, as a solution which the team loved.

I created a functional think tank session to solve the issue of internal communication options within a global technology firm with 18-24 year olds

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Call to Action for Discover Porirua website


Discover Porirua is the tourism arm of the Porirua City Council website, and needed to have a simple and easy customer journey, to add to this, I created more links and downloads with text and image CTA's which allow customers to download a copy of the Discover Porirua booklet.

This was managed through a central location, with an embed code of each page, this meant all changes or a new edition of the booklet could be managed in one location.

Pop Up Banner | Automated Pricing | CTA's and downloads | Website Training | 2-Factor | Cloud document storage | Webchat | Live streamed Council meetings | QR Code experience

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Working closely with the customer service manager, I helped create the the best practice guidelines for the installation of a webchat tool on the Porirua City Council Website. Ensuring the icon was visible to the public and placed on the homepage of the website.

Pop Up Banner | Automated Pricing | CTA's and downloads | Website Training | 2-Factor | Cloud document storage | Webchat | Live streamed Council meetings | QR Code experience

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As a digital team we created a lot of social media content and needed a quick and professional solution to creating social media tiles across four brands (Porirua City Council, Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua Libraries and Pataka Art Museum) to be used on multiple social media platforms.

I set up an account with Canva, and along side the graphic designer set up end user guidelines, four brand kits, team folders and templates for the digital team to utilise.

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Infographic tool | Easelly is a digital platform which allows you to create infographics, I've used this platform several times to create effective infographics, for business and personal use.

I was contacted by who invited me to be a guest blogger and discuss the power of Infographics after I used their tool to create several infographics.

Content resource hub

Content resource hub 

As part of a global rollout of content, a digital online resource hub was created to offer customers a central location to find, read, download and engage with all existing and new content. Created the global content hub, mapping existing content, managing and creating all content for Condeco globally.  

I also created a matrix using industry keywords which began the search engine functionality on the live site. Using the matrix allowed me to map out our existing content, which allowed me to plan and strategically align new content.

digital a-z glossary of terms

Digital A-Z Glossary of terms

As part of the Condeco Content, I created the framework and content for a Workplace Glossary of Terms which enabled customers to find related content. "Confused by the latest workplace jargon? We can make things clearer.

Get a straight-talking explanation in our handy glossary and stay up-to-date."

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Live streaming Council meetings


Working closely with the Democratic services team, I complemented the live-streaming technology by ensuring the Council's YouTube page had a dedicated channel and was compatible with the website, making the customer journey easy and simple for local residents of the city to tune in and live-stream council meetings.

Online Council Meetings | Te Reo Maori Digital Strategy | Digital Strategy Porirua Council Pātaka Art Museum


Automated pricing updates


Working closely with the Web Developer at Porirua City Council, I changed a lengthly manual process of updating yearly fees and charges to an automated process. The process used to take two days to manually update, using the new automated process, it now takes two hours.

Pop Up Banner | Automated Pricing | CTA's and downloads | Website Training | 2-Factor | Cloud document storage | Webchat | Live streamed Council meetings | QR Code experience

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Social media scheduling
| Buffer

As part of a the Porirua City Council digital marketing strategy I introduced the user of social media scheduling tool, Buffer. This platform manages content scheduling for Porirua City Council, Pataka and Te Rauparaha Arena. This tool is effective for managing content across all platforms and allows the social media team to preschedule campaigns and standard messaging.

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Survey Monkey 

As thel manager of digital survey tool survey monkey at Porirua City Council, using survey monkey to it's fullest potential, and creating an easy customer experience, I used the embed functionality on the website, created links for internal teams to follow the results in real time and created a best practice user guide for all internal teams creating customer feedback surveys.

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Awario | Social media management


I introduced Awario, a social media monitoring platform that monitors keywords on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, news, blogs, forums, and the Web. Unlike most social media monitoring tools, Awario provides you with both real-time and historical data. We also shared our subscription of this tool with Greater Wellington Regional Emergency response team during the 2020 lockdown.

Online Council Meetings | Te Reo Maori Digital Strategy | Digital Strategy Porirua Council Pātaka Art Museum

G-Cloud supplier, Condeco

HM Government -G Cloud Supplier

AWARDED: G-Cloud Framework

Condeco, a global leader in workplace management technology, has been selected to join the UK Government’s G-Cloud 10 framework, making its leading software and systems available to thousands of government departments across the UK.

I worked with the Public Sector team at Condeco to create a series of content with a public sector focus. Which included infographics, ebooks, thought leadership, videos, case studies and customer presentations. I also utilised statistics and research from the Modern Workplace Research Report.



Working with the Customer Experience Manager at Condeco I researched a solution for the website. We collaborated on the best practice guidelines, imagery, FAQ list, schedule for a global customer experience team and a customer journey. This solution had to work with the website and the customer experience teams requirements.

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2 factor authentication

2 Factor authentication


Working with the web developer, we wanted to create a safer environment for website users to log into the Porirua City Council, Porirua Libraries, Pataka and Te Rauparaha Arena platforms, which Is why a 2 Factor authentication process was created, which also sits inline with the I.T. strategy for the business.

Pop Up Banner | Automated Pricing | CTA's and downloads | Website Training | 2-Factor | Cloud document storage | Webchat | Live streamed Council meetings | QR Code experience

Data Cloud

Cloud document storage


As a Council, there are 1,000's of documents which need to readily available to the public online, I didn't want the website to become a document depository site, and had a discussion with the web developer as to how we can overcome documents we regularly uploaded on mass. The solution was to put a size limit on the document file, and to use a cloud storage system which integrated with our existing website, the customer journey was the same, the document was mirrored on the website. 

Pop Up Banner | Automated Pricing | CTA's and downloads | Website Training | 2-Factor | Cloud document storage | Webchat | Live streamed Council meetings | QR Code experience

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 11.19.35.png

Woman in Technology Microsite

A digital strategy to establish Condeco UK as a Thought Leader in the Workplace Industry, including thought leadership articles, Women In Technology landing page, all female panel at the 3rd Workplace Innovation Forum, including a guest chapter in the A.I. in the workplace ebook. This strategy shifted to promoting woman as a leader in technology, assisting with boosting talent attraction & attention and to generate engagement.

Landing Page | Thought Leadership | Social Media | Influencer thought leadership

T Shirt Hangers

eCommerce digital solutions

I was contacted by Rajbinder Kandola to provide eCommerce solutions for her start-up digital fashion business, Husna Boutique. Discussing her business plan and strategy, eCommerce solutions such as Shopify, digital marketing and social media solutions. 

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Social media scheduling
| Hootsuite

At Condeco Software we needed a social media scheduling tool which allowed our social media team to use a desktop solution while in the office and at home and a mobile app. The team where regularly at industry events, and needed to schedule posts, photographs and information while on the move. Hootsuite has a very simple mobile app interface which allowed the team to be on the go and still managed the social media schedule.

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