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Youth Workshop - building your brand

Working with a London based charity FutureVersity, I created and delivered a tailored digital workshop for their student base, aged 16 - 18 years. This workshop focused on their digital brand and creating awareness for online activity and promoting their skill set and gaining confidence when using online tools such as LinkedIn.

I'm really pleased I went on this workshop, it taught me a lot about LinkedIn, I'm not sure where else I would have got this information.

This was a fun, hands-on and interactive workshop, which introduced the students to LinkedIn and understanding how promoting your profile in a positive and professional manner can play a part in increasing your job hunting and networking skills.
The workshop focused on an introduction to LinkedIn and how this differs to other social networking sites. There was a strong emphasis on profile photographs, headlines, bio's, skill set and understanding power of networking. We also focused on content sharing and how to do this appropriately on a business networking site with a few examples of 'epic fails' which the students enjoyed.

"I really enjoyed learning how to use LinkedIn properly, and will use it to help me find a job in the future."