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Digital Marketing Strategy

Working closely with a London based charity FutureVersity, I created an evergreen roadmap, and seasonal content strategy for all their existing digital channels, as well as a 12-month digital marketing plan highlighting the summer programme.

FutureVersity digital marketing strategy

Working closely with the Operations Manager Jamila Daley Jeffers I customised a digital marketing strategy which focused on their core business attributes, Receptive, Sefl-Aware, Driven, Resilient, Informed and Self-assured. As well as the annual report, Vacation Education programme and volunteer courses. I also focused on internal digital and social media training for employees.
The strategy included social media guidelines, crisis and security best practices, individual social media strategies, content strategy, employee engagement, reporting and analytics, social media tone as well as understanding the digital elements of their business, such as, online tools, email footers, website, bio's and email marketing.