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Speaker: Social Media for Government NZ Summit

Adjusting your communications in real time to deliver timely and relevant content  

  • Utilising social media as a means to measure concerns, issues and general sentiment  

  • Responding to crisis with agility, adaptability and with a small team  

  • Prioritising content and the allocation of limited human and financial resources  

  • Navigating the need for clear and empathetic messaging for sensitive communications  



Pannelist: Social Media for Government NZ Summit

The case for organic vs paid content strategies to reach and engage your audience  

  • Is engagement through organic posts a realistic and achievable goal in the new age of online saturation?  

  • Navigating the challenges of engaging your audience through organic and paid posts  

  • Allocating your budget effectively by ensuring you put your money behind the right content


Speaker: The Pacific Business Trust digital conference

Invited to be part of the Digital Marketing for Business workshop for Pacific Business Trust and Porirua City Council. I led a Q&A session on digital marketing practices.

Speaker: ConfereNZ 2020

Invited to speak at ConferenNZ 2020 "Communicating New Zealand" conference, I presented "How to engage the under 25's on social media within the public sector". This was based on four social media projects run at Porirua City Council, Waitangi Day, Children's Day, Valentine's Day and a three-day work experience programme.

Co-host: WorkTech roundtable

Co-hosting with Technical Director John Hilderbrands, we hosted a roundtable event with an audience of workplace industry experts to debate and discuss the future of the workplace.

Speaker: Salesforce.com conference "Chatter"

I spoke to at a saleforce.com conference on the Chatter Challenge, which was a successful organic social media campaign created for a Salesforce.com implementation company. This company were huge users of a Salesforce.com tool called Chatter, and this challenge was given to the CEO to use this tool as per primary communication tool, ditching email, phone, fax and mobile. 

Speaker: Graduate Think Tank

At this Think Tank discussion, I led a robust conversation on the use of Email in the Workplace and the possibilities of alternatives.

Speaker: Salesforce.com conference "live demo"

During a salesforce.com conference, I conducted a live demonstration of the Dashboard Vote, which was a social media tool which integrated with salesforce.com database, showing the audience how to engage with their own customers using a Facebook page which integrated directly with salesforce.com and generated social leads. 

Created: presentation for the IWFM Conference

Condeco Software Ltd was invited to be a keynote speaker at IWMF (Women In FM) 2019 Annual Conference. I worked closely with Pooman Bharj to develop at thought leadership presentation "Inclusive Technology"

Developing a technology-based presentation discussing why and how technology in the workplace should be inclusive. This was a 20-minute presentation, which used examples of existing inclusive technology and included interaction participation with voting cards for the audience.

Produced: Generation Z workplace panel

Bringing together a board range of Gen Z'ders (Those born between 1995 and 2015) to gain an understanding of their vision for the future of the office.

This Think Tank was in two sections, the first section was a chance for the Gen Z group to put their questions to the CEO and Head of Product Strategy and design at Condeco. The second section was a one on one discussion with Professor Jeremy Meyson from WorkTech Academy to discuss future trends and predictions from industry experts.

Managed: Change Management Q&A

We invited change management specialists and co-authors Jackie Furery and Graham bird from Where Workplace Works to participate in a Q&A panel and discuss stories and insights the London team.

Created: presentation for '18 IWFM Conference

Condeco, the leading brand in Workplace technology and thought leaders in modern working were invited to be a keynote speaker at WIFM 2018 Annual Conference.

Co-host: LGNZ Webinar

I was invited to co host a webinar with Daniel Webster from LGNZ, we discussed "How to build your channels and navigate the choppy seas of social media". The audience was Councii members from across New Zealand. Check It out here

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