Graduate Think Tank

There has always been talk of a paperless office, in fact, that idea has been doing the rounds for over 20 years.
As old equipment has been replaced with funky new technology, shouldn't we have a better solution other than email? With this in mind and the rise of 18 - 24-year-olds using closed networking apps, I created a functional think tank session to solve the issue of internal communication options within a global technology firm.

At this Think Tank discussion, we discussed the use of Email in the Workplace and the possibilities of alternatives.



I created a short animated video pre the Think Tank as a teaser, this was created in a digital platform called PowToon. Read "Pow, the Power of Powtoon" to find out more.

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  • An introduction to Social Media and the company Guidelines became part of the overall Graduate induction day

  • Graduates were encouraged to openly use WhatsApp groups

  • Chatter was introduced to the Graduates as a communication option

  • A simple and easy to use Intranet guide was made available to Graduates at the induction day.

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