Podcasts and Webinars


Podcasts and webinars have been around for a while, but they are becoming a very popular and easy way to share your thoughts and ideas with your audience, in an easy audio or visual medium. 

Co-host | LGNZ Webinar

I was invited to co host a webinar with Daniel Webster from LGNZ, we discussed "How to build your channels and navigate the choppy seas of social media". The audience were a mix of Counciilers and public sector members from across New Zealand.


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Produced | Gen Z in the workplace Webinar

Bringing together a board range of Gen Z'ders (Those born between 1995 and 2015) to gain an understanding of their vision for the future of the office.

This Think Tank was in two sections, the first section was a chance for the Gen Z group to put their questions to the CEO and Head of Product Strategy and design at Condeco. The second section was a one on one discussion with Professor Jeremy Meyson from WorkTech Academy to discuss future trends and predictions from industry experts.


Co-host Podcast

The brainchild of Eve Laws, Poopology Podcast brings together women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and colours to discuss the trials and tribulations of being a modern warrior woman. Special guests and regular friends .​

  • CO-HOST - Season 1,2 & 5

  • Designed and created the website, www.poopologypodcast.com, using wix,com. 

  • Created all the social media promotional vides for Poopology, 

  • Created special videos, for Halloween and Easter.

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Porirua City Council live-steaming meetings

Working closely with the Democratic services team, I complemented the live-streaming technology by ensuring the Council's YouTube page had a dedicated channel and was compatible with the website, making the customer journey easy and simple for local residents of the city to tune in and live-stream council meetings.


Recording Studio

Host virtual social media workshops

DXC - A series of virtual social media workshops and training sessions, available for download. Gave employees from all over the UK to dial into training sessions and workshops focusing on social media. These sessions were also recorded and hosted on the intranet allowing access for all employees.

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Created Innovation Forum Panel into a Podcast

The 2nd Workplace Innovation Forum held by Condeco was a major success, hosted at the Courthouse Hotel in Central London the Studio Audience were able to hear from a diverse industry-wide panel of speakers who will delve into the key elements that are disrupting and transforming the workplace as we know it.

  • PODCAST - PANEL: The panel where recorded during their discussion and this content was used as a podcast for customers, clients and partners to refer to on demand.
Professional Meeting

Managed | technical hub training videos

A range of explainer videos using in-house technical knowledge base. These videos were used as an employee engagement tool to encourage the workforce to have a more in-depth and technical understanding of products. Hosted on the internal intranet, employees are able to share specific videos with customers or use them as in-house training material to understand the more technical aspects of the product.

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Co-Host Condeco Webinar series

Bringing together a global team of seven, I created a pilot series of Webinars, which have developed into an ongoing programme. Creating the topics, strategy and framework. it was extremely successful and now this pilot project is being rolled out as a global programme. 


The cost of meeting room no-shows and Retaining employees and attracting new talent with your workplace are first in a series of successful webinars.

video camera conference

Produced Salesforce.com webinar series

DIGITAL STRATEGY SOLX CONSULTING: Due to customer demand, I created a series of salesforce.com webinars, using expertise within the business to host the episodes. I created a series of salesforce.com webinars with SolX Consulting, hosted by the CEO Gary Smith we discussed salesforce.com technology functionality, with special guests and questions from the online audience.

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I was a co-host for the Social Media Panel - Four local wahine talk social media.

Social media is more than just a platform to share your products or services. It’s a place to build relationships, make connections and be social! Hear from four successful local business wāhine about how they have created and grown their successful brands across different social media platforms.

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