Podcasts and webinars have been around for a while, but they are becoming a very popular and easy way to share your thoughts and ideas with your audience, in an easy audio or visual medium. 

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Poopology Podcast

This podcast brings together women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and colours to discuss the trials and tribulations of being a modern warrior woman. Find out more

Innovation Forum Panel

Successfully managed the content strategy, including using content to create a series of podcasts. Find out more

CSC Virtual Social Media Workshops

A series of virtual social media workshops and training sessions, available for download. Gave employees from all over the UK to dial into training sessions and workshops focusing on social media. These sessions were also recorded and hosted on the intranet allowing access for all employees.

Technical Hub Training Videos

A range of explainer videos using in-house technical knowledge base. These videos were used as an employee engagement tool to encourage the workforce to have a more in-depth and technical understanding of products. Hosted on the internal intranet, employees are able to share specific videos with customers or use them as in-house training material to understand the more technical aspects of the product.

Condeco Webinar Series

Bringing together a global team of seven, I created a pilot series of Webinars, which have developed into an ongoing programme. Creating the topics, strategy and framework. it was extremely successful and now this pilot project is being rolled out as a global programme. The cost of meeting room no-shows and Retaining employees and attracting new talent with your workplace are first in a series of successful webinars.

SolX Consulting webinar series

Due to customer demand, I created a series of webinars, using expertise within the business to host the episodes.

I created a series of webinars with SolX Consulting, hosted by the CEO Gary Smith we discussed technology functionality, with special guests and questions from the online audience.

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