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Poopology Podcast

The brainchild of Eve Laws, Poopology Podcast brings together women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and colours to discuss the trials and tribulations of being a modern warrior woman. 


Special guests and regular friends will join host Eve Laws and myself as the co-host Claire Roper. We laugh, chat and giggle our way through discussions, from the 'shitty' to the lighter side of life.


Released once a week, episodes range from transgender, generations, fashion, women in construction and technology. Listen to the latest episodes here:


I designed and created the website using wix. This site was used to create a fun website, which was easy for all team members to be able to edit and update.


I create all the social media promotional vides for Poopology, which are lighthearted. Videos are created using a mobile app called InShot.


I write all the blog content for pooplogy, which is based on the ethos of the podcast, either discussing guests or sharing stories based on topics discussed. Visit the blog here: