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What was trending on Twitter today #TwitterTeaParty

Today I took a look at what was trending on Twitter

I'd set my location to Great Britain so it was going to be a wide variety of Hashtags and Trends. I always find it very interesting to see what is trending on certain days. And today twitter didn't disapoint, there was an array of trends and hastags, but the one that stood out to me was #TwitterTeaParty.

#TwitterTeaParty - it doesn't seem to make much sense at first glance, a bit of random twitterness, so I decided to take a closer look and see what was going on.

At first I couldn't make much sense of this hashtag, but it did look like fun! After reading through the feeds, it seemed a few other twitter users weren't really sure what's going on either. I scrolled through the feed and it appeared to be a hashtag for sharing photographs of a lovely cuppa tea, but I wanted to find out more. Sometimes hashtags don't necessary need to make sense to begin trending, but I felt that there was more to this than meets the tea!

Where did it start?

Hashtags generally start for a reason, sometimes it can be a phrase from current events, such as #YouaintnoMuslinBruv which can capture the public's attention or it can be a big brand creating a hashtag related to a campaign. And this time, this hashtag #TwitterTeaParty, is a big brand tweet from the Co-Operative. They have used an annual upcoming event Mothers Day and mashed it together with an a very cute and simple online tea party, the #TwitterTeaParty.

This Campaign has received a great deal of engagement and looks like it was a lot of fun, with some great posts shared from other twitter users. It's a fun and quirky way to engage on social media and create brand awareness, well done to the Co-Oprerative!

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