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Six examples of Linkedin Backgrounds

First impressions in business are crucial. According to many studies those first impressions are formed within 7 to 17 seconds of meeting someone and 55% of a person's opinion is determined by physical appearance.

You can't stop people from making a snap decision about you, but when it comes to your LinkedIn profile, why not help to influence those all-important first impressions.

You can achieve this by making your personal LinkedIn profile the best it can possibly. Start by making a few simple changes, and one of those changes includes creating an engaging and effective Linkedin Background.

Six examples of Linkedin Backgrounds; Claire M Roper

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Five of my connections on LinkedIn are making the most of that 7 - 17 seconds, they have all used an interesting and eye-catching backgrounds on their personal LinkedIn profiles with a mixture of logo's, text and images.

1. Oliver Ellis

Oliver is on brand, using bright colours and messaging which match the Energize brand, along with bright messaging at top of the banner.

2. Elliot Dell

Using a very funky design which incorporates the office address, Elliot has a super cool and on-trend Background with grey and blue colouring matching perfectly with his profile photo and company logo.

3. James Murphy

James has used text as the basis of his Linkedin Background, and there is no mistaking where he works, the white writing on the black image jumps out and with a subtle colour fade to the right, this banner looks cool and clean.

4. Richard Wiltshire

Richard has used text with an inspirational message and aspirational image of an astronaut, there is a nice use of space and the white writing pops.