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Four Top Tips for sharing content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a unique social media channel

It incorporates Business and Social together in the same place, and this can sometimes cause a little confusion with Linkedin Users, who are perhaps not entirely sure what content they should be sharing. You are sharing content with your business connections; it's a place to put across your points of view, opinions and thought leadership within a professional business environment.

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Think of it as a business social channel where you can enjoy engaging with other like-minded professionals on Industry trends, business news and updates, acquisitions, information as well as joining groups and connecting. When running Linkedin Workshops, I always remind participants the type of content you share on Linkedin is just as important as ensuring your profile is up to date.

However some people still miss the mark with their content sharing, I like to go through my own personal four Golden rules for sharing content on LinkedIn.

Four Golden Rules for Sharing Content on Linkedin

My four golden rules for sharing Content on Linkedin:

  1. Be Informative

  2. Be Insightful

  3. Be Thought Provoking

  4. And would you put this in a presentation to a customer

Four examples of Inapproiate Linkedin sharing

I've seen a lot of content shared on Linkedin which I don't feel falls into my personal Golden Rules category and is more of a fit for Facebook or Twitter, remember Linkedin is a business tool, not a place to share mundane and pointless content. Here are four examples over the past week which have appeared on my Linkedin Feed, and in some cases I can end up un-connecting due to the type of content being shared.

I find this particular type of content annoying, overused, not insightful and clogs up my Linkedin Feed.

The problem for me is more in the presentation of the content, than the actual content itself. This would have been better as a thought leadership piece in Pulse, or even if the creator had just attempted to use better graphics and layout.

"If you agree please SHARE this", is poor call to action, if this had been a blog, then a link could have been added.

A Maths lesson isn't the place for Linkedin, it's a place to share insightful, thought provoking content, and for me this c