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Step by Step instructions for embedding a Twitter Feed into a webpage

Adding a Twitter Feed to your blog or webpage gives your audience a window into your Real time twitter activity. But did you know that it's easy peasy to embed twitter feeds. With a few simple steps you can have your twitter feed displayed anywhere. This option adds a great window to your social media activity. In this blog post I'll describe step by step how to embed your twitter feed into your webpage or blog.

Twitter offers plenty of different options which will suit any website or blog, there will be something for everyone, from Twitter Feeds, Follow Buttons and embedded tweets, and plenty more for any budding developer (even if your a novice) to get stuck into. Below are step by step instructions on how you can add your twitter feed to your blog or webpage. Happy Tweeting!

ONE: Click on your Profile and Settings, and select settings

TWO: From the Right hand side, select Widgets

THREE: Click "Create New"