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Peace and love - Yoga cake

I'm Claire, an amateur cake decorator, join me on my Caking Experience as I put my skills to the test @roperclaire.

These super cute yoga decorations where hand made from fondant for a 60th birthday cake. The request was for a lemon cake, which I didn't have a recipe for, so I asked my good friend Donna if she have a good lemon cake recipe. Instead of sending me just the recipe, she bought me her favourite recipe book and sent me that instead. So amazing!

Yoga pose

I had a couple of attempts at creating the yoga pose, and some fails, but this was the end result and she is seriously cute! I used my old friend google to learn how to make a lotus flower and then added a couple more details, a plant pot and an extra yoga mat.

The Cake

Triple layer lemon sponge cake, with lemon cream cheese frosting and lemon curd centre. I can't make Lemon Curd to save myself, so it was shop bought, but delicious.


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