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Embracing my Inner Disney

Walt Disney inspired a generation with his cartoons.

I loved watching them as a child and if I'm honest, I'm still a fan. One of the favourite classic films is Snow White, but I also love the skill and technology of the latest Disney/Pixar films, and the success of Frozen can't be ignored. It was this love for cartoons that inspired a social media campaign called "25 Signs you love Otaki Beach".

The aim was to come up with 25 slightly amusing signs why you love Otaki Beach, (Such as No 16. You know the fastest route from your towel to the ocean), but also ensure some of those signs were generic enough they could relate to any beach lover.

The range of cartoon characters needed to be simple enough so I could easily transfer them into different scenes, but cute enough to appeal to a wider audience. I'm also considering creating an animated video based on this campaign, so the more simple the characters the easier it will be to create an animation.

That being said, let me introduce you to Jane, Wayne, Barry, and Sally!

Claire Roper, creating cartoon images

Setting the Scene

After my characters were created, the next step was to come up with 25 signs you love Otaki Beach, because I grew up there and love the beach, this wasn't a difficult task. My next job was to create the 25 images based on each 'sign', I used Microsoft Publisher to create each image, grouping together the images and saving as a PNG file.

Claire Roper, otaki beach cartoons

There are plenty of design packages I could have used, such as, which wouldn't you know I've just recently written a blog about it, click here to read more.


Untitled design.png

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