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Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising, how exactly are we targeted? Generally the ads I receive on my feed are spot on, usually products I would purchase and brands I would interact with. This morning though, it was a different matter...

What appeared, made me take a double look.

An App, called Wish, had a sponsored ad, with products that I would never purchase, never would consider purchasing or for that matter, would even have searched for on google. Seeing the funny side, I sent screen shots to my friends, who were equally amused...

So how did I end up being targeted for these particular products?

Google Search

With no impending hen parties coming up you’ll just have to take my word for it that I haven’t been searching for face masks, PC pants and Nivarna / Hanson T-shirt’s on any search engines.

Interacted with the App

I have in the past clicked on the link after being curious about a pair of grey ankle boots and did download the app, but, it wasn’t for me and I deleted it. So this could very well be part of the reason.

Facebook settings

I checked my Facebook settings, because I’m pretty sure black plastic bike shorts with a, well I’m going to call it a glory hole, isn’t on my list of preferences.

Facebook advertising

One of the reasons could potentially be from a look-a-like campaign which can be Achieved through Facebook. Which means if one of my connections who has a similar profile to me has interacted with these products that means I can potentially targeted. Which is as equally funny as these products appearing on my Facebook feed.

The real reason

All of these a very valid points and ones that you should check. After checking the option “Why am I receiving this advert” I discovered this particular company set their advertising reach so board, that all I had to was fall into their category of “Female between 21 - 45 living in or has recently visited the U.K.”

It’s a scatter gun approach, and not one I generally agree with, but hey, I’m talking about their product, so I guess there is some method to the madness!!


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