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Godzilla v King Kong

I'm Claire, an amateur cake decorator, join me on my Caking Experience as I put my skills to the test @roperclaire.

My youngest son turned 6 and his request for a birthday cake, Godzilla V King Kong!

King of the Monsters

I hand drew a 2D Godzilla and King Kong onto Fondant and cut it out to let it dry and harden up, I then layered with more coloured fondant to give it more strength when standing up. Using *Over the Top black edible pens I hand drew the details on each character.

Godzilla's spikes are made from candy, which was crushed and melted in the oven. I snapped the pieces into spikes and stuck them onto this back.

The buildings are made from black, blue and grey fondant with little yellow fondant windows. The spikes on the top of the cake are made from the same candy on Godzilla's back. Topped with blue and green buttercream for a bit of fancy decoration. The cake is a double chocolate fudge, always a crowd favourite.


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