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7 Statistics you should consider When creating Cartoon Images

Comic strips, graphic novels and cartoons are extremely popular, with sharp cool images, interesting story lines and edgy characters they can be a pretty awesome way to create a story. There are many options available when creating a cartoon image or animated video.

You can either purchase images, or create your own using many free online tools, one of the tools I like to use is, it’s free, quick and simple. Using this process takes a boring standard photograph and turns them into funky cartoon images, which is how I created the social media image below.

Shapes and Sizes

Cartoons come in many shapes and sizes, graphic novels, cute cartoon images, manga, pencil drawings, comics and illustrations. They are also a very effective way to tell your story, with humour or bright colours. As adults, we can all relate to cartoons from our childhood, (Think Micky Mouse, The Simpsons or Southpark) they are easy to consume, always shareable and hopefully make you smile.

Visuals are memorable and effective, because they help people process, understand, and retain more information more quickly.

  • 81% of people only skim the content they read online (source)

  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text (source)

  • Social Media Posts with visuals receive 94% more page visits and engagement than those without (source)

  • An estimated 84% of communications will be visual by 2018. (source)

  • Articles with images get 94% more views (source)

  • 83% of learning is done visually (source)

  • People follow directions with illustrations and text 323% better than those without (source)

Try using cartoon style images in your digital content, here are Seven Statistics you should consider to help make your content the best it can be.


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