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Homemade Superhero

I'm Claire, an amateur cake decorator, join me on my Caking Experience as I put my skills to the test @roperclaire.

This cake is a vegan, chocolate and pumpkin cake was a last minute request from my children's teacher, Robyn. She needed a speciality cake for her daughter Stella who was turning 39.

The Cake

Robyn provided the ingredients (as some where quite specalised) and the recipe and I gave it a go. I'd never made a vegan chocolate and pumpkin cake, once baked I trimmed it and gave some to my kids, who where none the wiser and tucked in saying it was yummy.

Super Fondant

I created the fondant character "Super Stella" and the decorations to go along with it out of fondant. Super Stella is a 2d fondant character with layered fondant and her beautiful flaming red hair!

For a last minute cake this turned out pretty cool!


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