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I was approached by the Deputy Head of a London Primary school to enhance their Induction Presentation. Last year, the presentation failed to engage the audience, and the primary school received comments from parents, so what did the team do? They listened to their audience and made changes to the entire format of the evening, including their induction presentation.

Over 100 parents would be visiting the school and wanted to hear all about the great facilities, meet the teachers, take a look in the classrooms and ask questions. I spiced up their induction presentation and talked to the team about the structure of digital presentations.
I ensured the powerpoint presentation reflected the spirit of the Primary School, branding accordingly by using the school colours, and by adding in fun visuals, video and a couple of Cinemagraphs to really engage with the audience.
One of the more fun pages included an introduction to the teaching staff, I thought it would be fun for the children to draw pictures of their teachers, the Deputy Head provided me with some great artwork which we added to slide two.