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I have written, researched and produced many ebooks, reports and whitepapers across a wide range of topics and industries. I have also supported existing publications to create digital versions.

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Is the workplace ready for A.I. Assistants?

A.I., VIRTUAL & AUGMENTED REALITY: Part of an overall strategy, I researched and wrote the ebook, which included a chapter from an AI specialist, Tracey Groves "Is the Workplace ready for A.I. Assistants?. With the recent trend of AI Assistants growing in the home, this report which delves into the growth and popularity of AI Assistants in the workplace and the impact this will have on the workforce and productivity. 

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LinkedIn self help ebook

Strategic Partnership with LinkedIn While working at a Global Technology firm there was a growing need for employees to understand the benefits of LinkedIn, working closely with representatives from LinkedIn, I created workshops, which I ran throughout the business tailored specifically for internal departments. To help support this strategy, I also created an internal ebook with top tips and self help information. 

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Discover Porirua Booklets

This booklet was project managed and produced by the Principal Marketing Advisor at Porirua City Council, I worked closely with her to publish a digital version which was hosted on the Porirua City Council website adding the booklet to the webpage, with a back catalogue, links to articles and Call to Actions (CTA), on each relevant web page. Existing webpages where redesigned, including embedded maps, contact details, refreshed images, links to other pages and videos.

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2019/2020 Workplace Research Paper

I project managed the creation of Condeco Software's annual workplace research report, which collaborates with 760 workplace leaders from across the globe. In this report we examined the trends driving change and consider whether businesses are prepared for them. We look at changes in flexible working and the use of office space, in particular, meeting rooms. I used the research to create a programme of content for internal stakeholders and for for customers.

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A simple guide to Change Management

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION STRATEGY: I teamed up with Change Management specialists Jackie Furey and Grahame  Bird, Where Work Place Works, to create "A simple guide to change management" ebook. 

Wherever you look, there are new business technologies emerging. Never before has the business world had so much choice in terms of the technology they deploy and how it influences the rapidly evolving modern workplace.

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Digital transformation and the workplace

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION STRATEGY: Collaborating with Digital Transformation experts, I project managed the production of this ebook, which was designed to assist customers with digital transformation in the workplace.

In different ways, we are all undergoing a digital transformation in our business. But it’s such a broad, umbrella term that it can be difficult to pin down exactly what it means.

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Workplace Trends

Condeco Software, the leading brand in Workplace technology and thought leaders in modern working were invited to be a keynote speaker at WIFM 2018 Annual Conference.   I created the successful presentation, "How design and technology impact the workplace" which was then turned into an ebook, 2018 Workplace Trends in collaboration with industry experts WorkTech Academy. Check out the ebook here

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How to find the right meeting room solution

After creating the strategy and framework for Condeco Software's Resource Hub, I reviewed existing content and updated several ebooks, reviewing the existing ebook to ensure it was update with changes in technology and product updates.

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The future of workplace today

The world of work is constantly changing, and to reflect those changes, I created a small booklet to reflect the latest statistics. This e-booklet "The Workplace Today", I researched and collated statistics and facts for this ebook on the future of workplace technology.

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Is this the end of email?

While at DXC, I created a functional think tank session with a group of enthusiastic Graduates to help solve the issue of internal communication options within a global technology firm with 18-24 year olds. With so many platforms available at this firm, it was difficult for the younger employees to choose a method of communication.

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The Chatter Challenge

DIGITAL STRATEGY SOLX CONSULTING: A successful organic social media campaign created for a implementation company. This company were huge users of a tool called Chatter and after completing a campaign via social media, I created an ebook for our customers. 

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Creating a social media campaign using salesforce

SALESFORCE + FACEBOOK INTEGRATION An ebook which showed SolX Consulting customers how to use to create a campaign and drive leads through social media. This ebook demonstrated how we put together our social media campaigns, from top tips and tricks of the trade to using web to lead technology and Facebook integration.

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User adoption white paper

SALESFORCE + FACEBOOK INTEGRATION An ebook which showed SolX Consulting customers how to enhance user adoption. User adoption is the critical driver of benefits from any CRM system. Quite simply, if the users don’t use the system then no matter what else happens, the benefits aren’t going to be realised.

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How to manage a webinar using

SALESFORCE + FACEBOOK INTEGRATION Managing campaigns in salesforce no longer needs to be a disjointed process across different systems. Salesforce is your command centre for managing and tracking multichannel campaigns. At Solx we use standard salesforce functionality to deliver effective campaigns in In this document we will show you how to manage an effective webinar, from Creating the campaign, email templates, auto response rules, reporting and running the campaign.

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SPEAKER I Social Media for Government NZ Summit

Co-Hosting with the Communications and Marketing Manager at Porirua City Council, we presented our strategy for delivering real-time social media delivery during Covid-19 Level 4 lockdown.

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