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Dolmio Has Hijacked Dinner Time

May 2, 2015

I love it! Dolmio, makers of Italian sauces, pasta, and ready-made meals have come up with a very inventive way of making dinner times just that little bit easier. If we are not careful meal times in a modern world can turn into a conversation over ipads, tablets and the television droning on in the back ground. So Dolmio have used technology and combined it perfectly with their product and have taken meal time back to being family time. Well done Dolmio!



When I was growing up, my Mum sometimes struggled to get my brother and I off the Commodore 64!

My Mum struggled to get my brother and I off the Commodore 64, although the chances of us bringing that giant computer to the dinner table were pretty remote, but I can see from this video things haven't changed much. This #PepperHacker will be on my shopping list!





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