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May 5, 2017

All of us have a guilty pleasure, and mine is watching Tipping Point


I like to do this while following #TippingPoint hashtag on Twitter. The twitter feed is absolutley hilarious and has me in stitches. If you haven't seen the show, your missing out on an incredibly addictive television. 

Ben Shephard hosts a quiz show with a 10,000 pound jackpot, where contestants answer questions and are given the chance to enter disc's into what effectively is a giant slot machine and push counters over the Tipping Point. Similar to one of slot machines you'd play at the seaside.


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Watching TV with a Digital Device


I'm not sure why I find this show so addictive, but when I get the chance I tune in to ITV, get out my mobile and follow the live twitter feed. Today my husband heard me laughing and popped his head around the corner to see what was going on, and it was then I admitted to him Tipping Point accompanied with the #TippingPoint twitter feed was my guilty pleasure. 

He sat down next to me, and wouldn't you know, we spent the next 30 minutes shouting, "What? Drop Zone 2", "Three counters, go for a three counter question", all while reading tweets and laughing out loud at the funny comments the Great British Public post onto the Twitter. 

I love it, and like to take out 30ish minutes in the day to have a good laugh and realise that I pretty much have the same opinion / sense of humour as other viewers who watch Tipping Point.


My Favourite Tweets


Here is a small collection of my faverite comments on Twitter: 



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