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It's in all aspects of our daily lives. I'm Claire a social media consultant and Mum of three boys, keeping our children safe online is really important to me.  I run workshops and coaching in social media and digital marketing for students, parents, and teachers. There is so much happening in the digital world, I can ensure keeping up with the kids is easy.


Perfect for 10 years+

fun interactive


One hour workshop for students aged 10 - 18 years, covers online safety.

  • Activating safeguards: privacy settings, age restrictions

  • Be careful What your Share: taking a closer look at profile photographs,

  • Think before you post: Understanding what happens to your photographs online.

  • Overview of cyberbullying: Where to go for help

  • Friending people you don't know


Fun, interactive workshops, can be held during school hours or afterschool sessions.

Realtime demonstrations and fun interactive games.


Perfect for parents and teachers

keeping up with

the kids

One hour workshop for parents, carers, and teachers, sharing insight on social media:

  • Understanding social media platforms: the difference between facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat, WhatsApp, and Pinterest.

  • How to ensure children are safe when using social media

  • Social Media Terminology, helping you understand the lingo

  • The latest trends and fads



Informative, interactive and fun. This workshop can be held during school hours or evening sessions.

knowledge is power.


Perfect for 13 years+

fun interactive


One hour workshop for students 13 years + focuses on Social Media for business.

  • Overview of social platforms and the difference between general use and promoting for businesses

  • Basic overview of social media statistics

  • Creating and implementing campaigns

  • Blogging and content creation.


Fun and interactive workshop. Workshops can be held during school hours or afterschool sessions.

Fun activities and online demonstrations.


Perfect for students, teachers & parents

create workshops which work for you

If you are looking for something a little more bespoke, I can tailor a workshop specifically for your school and your current needs. Give me a call or drop me an email to discuss the options.

Creating a workshop specifically for your school.


Perfect for 15 years+

ongoing social media strategy for students

This programme is a monthly session for a small group of students to manage the schools own social media platforms. Available in London only (or via video call for other regions).


  • Creating and Implementing campaigns

  • Responding to questions and queries via social media

  • Create social media guidelines (based on Schools principles)

  • Dealing with trolls and negative comments

  • Increasing followers and general awareness for the school

  • In-depth reviewing and analysing of social media statistics

  • Creating and implementing real-time campaigns

  • Blogging and content creation



These sessions are interactive and fun. Can be held during school hours or afterschool sessions.

Create and develop your own social media campaigns.


Perfect for 13+

content creation 

Content provides you with the base for all online activity.​ Without it, businesses have nothing to talk about and show their customers just how innovative their company really is! This workshop will focus on the benefits of online content creation, using free online tools, examples of successful content and tricks of the trade.

Create your own online content using free digital tools.

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