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Social Media Workshops at CSC

While working at a Global Technology firm there was a growing need for employees to understand the benefits of social media and blogging for business.

Working closely with representatives from Linkedin, I created several workshops, which I ran throughout the business tailored specifically for internal departments and industry teams. 
All workshops where either face to face or participants could dial in. Workshops available to all employees were accessible on the company intranet, included; 
  1. Introduction to Twitter
  2. Advanced Twitter
  3. Tweeting at a Conference
  4. Introduction to Blogging
  5. Intermediate Blogging
  6. Pimp by Blog
  7. Introduction to Linkedin
  8. Sharing Content on Linkedin
  9. A guide to understanding Hootsuite
  10. 50 Shades of social media


Increased twitter followership


Successfully trained the sales team to generate engagement



Created an understanding in the management team of the benefits of a digital presence

"Standard mail shots received 2-3% return but via linked in I'm getting a 25% return by accurate focused messages for individuals." 

- Senior Sales Executive Linda Walsh

"I required guidance from the Social Media Manager in how to extend my professional profile and industry team across social media platforms; in particular LinkedIn. I almost immediately realised the benefits of an increased profile by implementing Claire's suggestions, both professionally in my role and as an IT professional in industry."


- Christiana Petrou, Retail & Consumer Consulting Lead