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I have written and collaborated on many high quality thought leadership articles, across many industries. I managed the Condeco Software's "Workplace Matters", curated the Condeco and WorkTech Blog, created content for Women In Tech landing page, guest blogged and collaborated with other guest bloggers and wrote and managed the SolX Consulting blog.

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THE POWER OF THE INFOGRAPHIC - Images are paramount when engaging with any audience, allowing your followers to consume information in bite-sized pieces. Infographics can be your secret weapon, by using them you’ll be able to deliver ideas, thoughts, stories and marketing messages in a way your audience will find visually appealing. Read more


THE CHATTER CHALLENGE - The week has started off well and continued to get better, the first few days of my #chatterchallenge consisted of Housekeeping; updating my notifications, reviewing who I was following and most important of all making sure the team were following me! Read more

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GENDER BIAS: HOW CHILDREN'S CARTOONS CAN BREAK WORK BARRIERS - Whether it is a children’s cartoon or an inspirational individual, Condeco looks at how perceptions are changing on gender-specific roles in the workforce. Read more

Crowd of People

WE ARE ALL JUST PEOPLE - What is it that makes you hate? As children, we don’t hate, we are curious and inquisitive, we want to understand and ask questions. But we don’t generally hate. Hate is something that you learn as you grown older. Read more

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THE DRIVING FORCES BEHIND THE MODERN WORKPLACE REVOLUTION - How can you ensure you get the best from your workplace transformation? Bear in mind these two key drivers, and you'll see the benefits of new technologies Read more


Blogging is a way of life and creating blogging or thought leadership programme for your business is vital in our digital age! I've created and managed blogging and thought leadership programmes across a wide range of industries. And of course, write my own blog!


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I was a co-host for the Social Media Panel - Four local wahine talk social media.

Social media is more than just a platform to share your products or services. It’s a place to build relationships, make connections and be social! Hear from four successful local business wāhine about how they have created and grown their successful brands across different social media platforms.

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