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I have written and collaborated on many high quality thought leadership articles, across many industries. I managed the Condeco Software's "Workplace Matters", curated the Condeco and WorkTech Blog, created content for Women In Tech landing page, guest blogged and collaborated with other guest bloggers and wrote and managed the SolX Consulting blog.


Chatbots are a fairly recent phenomenon, but one that most of us are familiar with – the little chat box that pops up on your favourite online store, asking if you need help? That’s what a chatbot is, at least in its simplest and most common form.


Seven innovations to help with workplace concentration


Innovation is ingrained into our way of life, and we don’t just mean the team here at Condeco! As humans, we have always strived to make our lives easier and more productive, whether that is through gadgets to help us with our daily tasks, or technology and systemsto help us manage our working lives.

The Time

What are the biggest technology disruptions in the workplace?


Disruption in the workplace, is a trending topic regularly debated, as it has relevance across all industries. Technology and disruption go hand-in-hand and have played a fundamental part in the constant changing way we work.

Tech Accessories

Agile Working v Activity Based Working: What's the difference?


Modern life is rapidly changing, particularly when it comes to working life. Flexibility in the workplace is in demand more than ever before, with employees who adapt and adjust their work responsibilities around their own lives suggesting it has numerous positive outcomes for both the individual, as well as the business or organisation they’re employed by.

Jumping on Box


Technology has become an intricate part of our daily lives, and women now hold more prominent leadership positions. The gender balance has improved, the glass ceiling is slowly disappearing, mental health has a stronger voice, diversity and inclusion policies are at the forefront of businesses agendas and workplaces are agile and flexible to accommodate all employees. 


How colour can impact the digital workplace


Colour is a surprisingly powerful communication tool – it elicits strong and varied mood and emotions in individuals, and has long been the ultimate tool of a wide variety of artists, from classical painters to modern interior designers, to create bespoke masterpieces, evoking a plethora of human reactions.

Color Palette

The psychology of colour in the workplace


Colour has a major effect on our outlook and can fundamentally change how we respond to space, with our moods, emotions and feelings reacting to different shades and colour combinations. Take the fast food giants, their branding is perfectly designed for their target market, utilising a combination of red and yellow, the affect is speed and quickness, creating a high turnover of customers. Red creates feelings of appetite and hunger, while it’s branding partner yellow, emits a friendly and happy environment.


2018 workplace predictions


As another year has drawn to an end, we delve into 2018 and examine what trends and challenges will contribute to the next evolution of the working environment.

Work Desk

A quick guide to change management


The workplace is forever changing, and that’s a good thing. Technology evolves, we learn more about the psychology of people and their work, we see new generations begin their careers and older generations retire, and we search out new avenues, or different strategies, whether that’s marketing, sales, product teams, facilities teams or any other number of potential departments.

Man with Suit

Five digital transformation success stories


It’s an unavoidable truth – today’s world, and workplace, is digital in nature.Changes have happened so rapidly within the last 10 years, that many of us have seemingly sleepwalked into the current digital era; smartphones are in our hands, we’re streaming our entertainment, ordering our groceries online via our voice-activated home assistants, and working remotely from shared working spaces, with nothing more than a tablet or laptop (and that all-important charger).


Your festive season workplace strategy


Every year, Santa’s Workshop is in full swing preparing for the big event, and just like any other workplace, office productivity, employee satisfaction and the customer journey are at the forefront of their workplace experience. The North Pole has to run smoothly and efficiently in order to ensure a smooth customer journey. We were lucky enough to have 30 minutes over a cup of hot chocolate and a mince pie with ol’ St Nic to discuss his workplacestrategy.

Santa's Love

For the love of technology


Here at Condeco, technology is at the heart of what we do and our passion for enabling our clients to revolutionise their environments is always top of mind.


How workplace email culture varies around the globe


Email is something we’re all more than familiar with – for most of us, our working lives and communication revolve around the emailswe send, and our most clicked-on page on our work computers is our email inbox.

Laptop Work

The secret behind naming your meeting rooms


Have you ever wondered why some businesses name their meeting rooms? Whether comical or serious, meaningful or historical, the name of a meeting roomis often directly related to the cultural resonance of a business, or perhaps even the organisation’s own ethos. A meeting room name can often provide a little bit of insight into its owner, so pay attention next time you’re heading out on your next site visit!

White Office

Top 4 workplace resolutions 2018


With every new year comes the chance for new beginnings in the workplace, whether that means creating new opportunity or refreshing existing processes and responsibilities.


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