Condeco Software Thought Leadership programme

Thought leadership is important for a business to create engagement and raise your profile across your industry.

I spoke to the team individually to introduce the thought leadership programme, starting with the most engaged team members. A range of thought leadership articles have since been produced, 
Varied articles include; Meet the Team: Shenel Backhouse an interview with the front of house manager, Change Management - Five minutes with Adrian Jeffers.
Matthew Smith explains 20 years and we still can't find meeting space, Holograms in the workplace - are they our future? by Business development director Sunita Pachova and a technology review by Max Nealon, on What are APIs?.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy


To introduce diversity and inclusion within the UK team, I imbedded and a mini diversity and inclusion strategy into the existing thought leadership programme which gave a voice across the departments, from this we were able to produce a range of engaging, exciting and topical thought leadership articles. 

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