Twitter Strategy

Implemented a successful Twitter strategy to grow the UK Twitter channel, through engagement, branded material, animated gifs, through content sharing, and thought leadership.

This strategy raised the profile of the UK channel to become a thought leadership knowledge base on Workplace, Technology and Innovation.
Creating internal social media workshops and a thought leadership programme, over nine months, I was able to inspire the UK team to become engaged twitter.
This strategy also incorporated using our own work force in twitter campaigns, such as "Summer Fun" and "Women in Technology" which highlighted popular members of staff.



Increased monthly impressions from 40K to 520K


Increased engagement rating from 1.5% to 4.5%


Increased monthly link clicks from100 to 2,500


Increased monthly followers from 10 to 60

Thought leadership

As well as an external programme to run alongside the internal changes, which included becoming active, increasing followership creating a social community and improving the overall impression rating.

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