Video is king, king of the content, and creating video content from full production, to animation, to small mobile app clips is an important medium within your marketing strategy. I have been involved in successful many video projects

Long term-Planning Video - multi language 

Porirua City is a very diverse city, with nine pacific languages represented across the city. I worked with a small team, Communications Manager and the Digital Coordinator to create a video explaining the importance to the community of why they should participate in the Long Term Plan.

The main challenge was incorporating three languages into one 2 minute video, and conveying a message of unity. The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and a Councillor where used in this video. It was shot on location in various wards across the city. I worked with the Digital Coordinator on incorporating best practice for subtitles, with three languages being used and set expectations for the stake holders on which language would be used. 

TV Episode - London Live

Working the Global Events Director, we where approached to appear in an episode of London Live.

London Live is a London based television show which highlights innovative and technology based business, show casing their products and solutions. We discussed the ROI, concept and the output of the episode would generated and put forward a business case to the video team.

Debate, not hate - Porirua City Council

The current environment on social media can be a tricky place to navigate, which is why I worked with the CE executive advisor and the Communications Director to create a video which highlighted a very specific message for residents of Porirua, "Debate, not hate".  There is a small minority of residents who use hateful language and messaging and we want to spread a message we invite discussion at Porirua City Council. The video was created in-house and used our own staff members to be the voice, this shows the diversity within our own organisation. 

The video had a mixed reaction, especially of Facebook, as we expected. But across our other social media channels, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn the response was extremely positive.

SOLGM Award winning video 2020

I collaborated with a small team within the Council which created the framework, storyline and narrative for the award winning video.


Porirua City’s strategic framework for children and young people has been awarded the Tompkins Wake Award for Better Policy and Regulation by the NZ Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM). 

Family lockdown videos

During the New Zealand COVID-19 Lockdown, I created daily videos of my children's activities using a mobile phone App called In-Shot.

Te Rauparaha Arena Baby Gym Video Series

I project managed the delivery of seven 20 second videos to promote the baby gym facilities at Te Rapharaha Arena in Porirua. The videos are hosted on the website, YouTube and an organic and paid social media campaign targeting parents in the local region.

Did you know video series

I project managed the delivery of a series of videos about Council facilities and services for Porirua City Council. Including the researching of all data and facts and working with different departments to collate information.

Condeco Software Innovation Forum

The 2nd Workplace Innovation Forum held by Condeco was a major success, hosted at the Courthouse Hotel in Central London the Studio Audience were able to hear from a diverse industry-wide panel of speakers who will delve into the key elements that are disrupting and transforming the workplace as we know it.

  • PODCAST - PANEL: The panel where recorded during their discussion and this content was used as a podcast for customers, clients and partners to refer to on demand.
  • HIGHLIGHT VIDEO - KEYNOTE SPEAKER : A video of keynote speaker Peter Otto, who demonstrated a prototype technology live to the studio audience was turned into a downloadable piece of content.

Podcast Video: Christmas Game

The concept behind these videos are for them to give a homemade feel, using a mobile and mobile app editing tools. The video show a Halloween Challenge between two regular guests on the podcast, Poopology.

Podcast Video: Halloween Challenge

The concept behind these videos are for them to give a homemade feel, using a mobile and mobile app editing tools. The video show a Halloween Challenge between two regular guests on the podcast, Poopology.

Waitangi Day 2020

Working with the video editor, I project managed the delivery of the Porirua City Council 2020 Waitangi Day video, which highlights the fun and exciting day for all the community.

Parks update videos

Working with the Parks team at Porirua City Council, we created a series of video which allowed the public to be updated on a regular basis with news and developments on local parks and recreational areas. Watch the video here.

Campbell's Word - youtube cover.gif

I love Social Media and thrive on working on many different projects and I especially love creating video content with my three kids, they live in a digital world and have a great time exploring the world and making videos. My youngest son Campbell is full of beans, and I have endless content of them, he's a funny little guy and I wanted to share his adventures....