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Website Design - Christana Petrou

To create a modern and sleek website with cool sharp images and insightful content which suited Christiana's personality and style. SEO was optimised to ensure maximum searchability. 

Website Design for Digital Retail Expert Christiana Petrou 



Mobile usage grows 58% year on year. To keep up-to-date with the rise in consumer and company adoption of mobile I ensured Christiana's website has mobile optimisation. Which ensure's each webpage is redesigned to suit mobile and tablet usage.


Chrisitana already writes amazing content, we discussed her blog strategy which included her website and social media strategy. She is also very active on LinkedIn, and we worked together to ensure she was utilising LinkedIn to share and write her thought leadership.

I used a content management system to host Christiana's website, using fresh images in natural tones and white space.

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