Podcasts and webinars have been around for a while, but they are becoming a very popular and easy way to share your thoughts and ideas with your audience, in an easy audio or visual medium.

An evergreen landing page focusing on Women in Technology, interviews and articles from Thought Leaders globally spanning a range of talent, representing Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership, Governance, Social Media, Workplace and working in male-dominated environments.

  • The plan As part of the strategy to establish Condeco UK as a Thought Leader in the Workplace Industry, Women In Technology was part of this and at the forefront of the shift to promoting the business as a leader in technology, empowering women, assist with boosting talent attraction & attention and to generate engagement.

  • Landing Page Working the graphic designer I created a concept for the Women In technology landing page, which would highlight articles from guests and our own employees.

  • Social Media -  A robust social media campaign was created in conjunction with International Women's Day 2018, with multiple images and messaging promoting the landing page.These images (below) ranged from external guests and internal thought leaders to promote all the women within the UK office, which included individual images.

  • Thought leadership - I invited several prominent women from within the Workspace Industry to participate in Thought Leadership, which became the face of the landing page. Guest articles included: "The Ethical Consequences of Artifical Intelligence" by founder and director of Intelligent Ethics, Tracey Groves. "Inside Formula One - behind the technology", Bernadette Collins, Senior Strategy Engineer at Sahara Force and "Act like Sugar and increase your confidence" by Consultant and form BBC presenter Penny Haslam

  • Diversity & Inclusion - Social Media is full of thought provoking, innovative and influential people. However, through all the social media noise it can be difficult to identify those trailblazers who are revolutionising our environments. ​These women where from a diverse background, working mothers, plus size models, business owners, Transgender women and Top 10 Influential Women one Twitter

  • Highlighting Emploees - Within this campaign there was also a chance to highlight Women from within our own company, referencing thought leadership articles they had written, accomplishments and awards within Industry, all social media posts lead straight back to the Women in Technology landing page. 

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