Work Experience Programme

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Work Experience Programme – Social Media 

Working as part of a the communications team at Porirua City Council, you will have the opportunity to work on a range of projects where your input and fresh ideas will be highly valued; including managing day to day running of social media enquiries, engaging with the local community and creating your own social media campaign.


Ideal Candidates

Age 15+, 3 x enthusiastic, confident young people from Porirua, they must have a genuine interest in social media, digital, marketing and communications, willing to share their ideas and collaborate with the local council. Behind the scenes photographs will be taken and shared across social channels. Social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Porirua City Council Goal

Work together with the youth of Porirua, gain an understanding of how we can effectively collaborate on social media, creating an active and engaged community.

Recycling Video

the students pitched to the team, showing the outline of a video about recycling with the key messages of

  • Clean recycling

  • No rubbish

  • Plastics 1 and 2 only – look for the number

  • The different types of glass


They intend the video to be 1-2 minutes long and it will involve staff sorting recycling into the correct bins or rubbish bag. They are going to get some of the younger staff from the Arena to make it more appealing to younger people to watch.

Daily Videos and posts


The students created a daily video introducing themselves to the online community.

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