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Five Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017

2017 will see the rise of personalisation. This will be with video, social media engagement, webpages and Interactive Videos. There is no doubt that personalisation is already in use and extremely popular, but in 2017 we will see this marketing technique get bigger and so much better. Personalisation is a marketing trend which has been around for years, I remember as a child being thrilled at the thought of my name appearing on toys, books, board games or clothing.

But taking that trend, and mixing it with the latest social media platforms and technologies, will take the customer experience to the next level. We'll also see the rise of social engagement working in harmony with television, animated video will play a bigger part in our working lives and Interactive video will start to become more mainstream.

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1. Personalisation

Personalisation shows your audience they’re not just a number, you are able to connect with individuals by embedding their unique details into a video, email, campaign or webpage. If you are a Facebook user you would have come across plenty of personalised videos, Pizza Express, #ShakeTheTree campaign was extremely successful. 74% of consumers get frustrated with a website when content does not adapt to their preferences - Hubspot "True personalization of customer experience will stop being reserved for a select few and will need to become an operational principle for any marketer who wants to remain relevant in an increasingly fragmented and regulated environment." - Tamara Gruzbarg, senior director of analytics and research,

2. The rise of Social Engagement and Smart Television

2017 will see an increase of social media engagement and television, this trend has taken a while to catch on, but some television shows, my personal favourite The Last Leg, successfully use real time social media engagement, but I think we will see more television programming work in harmony with social media. Smart Television & Social Media Yes we already have Apps, allowing the viewer a greater experience, but these are only achievable on two separate devices, allowing Smart Television to become socially smarter, we will see live social media feeds appearing on our television screens, allowing the viewer to really engage with the programme and see what other people are thinking. 87% of consumers use a second screen device while watching TV. And 74% of 14- 17-year-olds use a combination of TV and smartphones. - CrowdyNews Real Time Chats More actors and television programmes will start engaging in social media real time chats, this allows the viewer to really engage with the programme and their favourite actors, ask questions and share stories. Popular show, The Walking Dead, topped the social media activity rank between August 2015 and June 2016: 435,000 tweets were sent on average per episode in the US alone. - CrowdyNews