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Where's my Trigger gone?

Today I discovered PowerPoint on Mac doesn't support a function called Triggers. I was heart broken, of all the PowerPoint features, this is my absolute favourite. For those of you who haven't yet discovered Triggers, this is essentially a function which allows you to generate a hyperlink on your slide which 'triggers' another action on the same slide.

If you have additional information which you want to display but would like to keep it hidden, you can generate a trigger, by clicking another text box, image or shape your additional information will then appear, you can also reverse the action and with a click your content will disappear.

Where's my Trigger gone? Claire M Roper

Related Article: 11 tips to help you smash that powerpoint presentation... I love it, and find it super useful in my presentations, so I was shocked to find It isn't supported on a Mac. Come on Apple, Triggers are one of the coolest functions on PowerPoint and makes presentations look super slick and professional, Hopefully this will be a function which is included soon. But until then, I will have to be Trigger-Less!

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