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Fight or flight? How changes in the workplace can effect your emotion

How well do you adjust to changes?

When you have had a bad experience or preconceptions of a situation how easy is it for you to change your attitude? Not sure about you, but I find it difficult, especially when you kinda know you are right. But the fact is, you have to suck it up and move on. When we are put into a situation which makes us uncomfortable, twitchy, irritated or angry, we have two choices, fight or flight. In the workplace, these are still our options, but we have to do it in a professional capacity, because even though you may want to take a swing at your colleague, that ain’t gonna get you anywhere, expect maybe fired and a common assault charge.

In business there are always changes, whether those are restructures, merges or redundancies.

I’ve been in these situations quite a few times in my 21 years of working and it never gets easier. I’ve been made redundant twice (due to maternity related issues), been through countless restructures, had scores of new bosses, corporate buyouts and two administrations. And probably a bunch of other changes that I literally don’t remember.

Claire Roper; fight or flight, how changes can effect your workforce

One thing which has remained with me, how you choose to react to the situation is completely up to you.

Now I’m not claiming I’ve always had the perfect response, in fact you may have read my earlier blog, “how good is your poker face” - well mine sux, completely terrible, my instant emotion is written all over my face, you don’t need a psychology degree to figure it out. But you need to suck it up, while the overall business decisions might be out of your control.

How you decide to react is entirely within your power.

So, that leaves you with a decision, will you remain the dedicated hardworking employee and continue trudging on, or will you get mad and take action? Will you choose fight or flight?

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