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Finding inspiration in differing points of view

Finding inspiration to write thought leadership can come from anywhere

It can trending topics, politics, world news, colleagues, industry experts, friends and family, well the list goes on. As well as being inspired by stories and experiences, you can also share your thoughts when you disagree with another person point of view. This doesn’t have to be a negative article or a rant, simply your own opinion.

I’ve written several thought leadership articles because I disagreed with a point of view, strategy, process or statement. As people, we all think differently and that’s what makes the conversation interesting!

49% of B2B buyers said their opinion of a company had decreased after reading poor quality content -

Thought Leadership, Capitalising on Trending Topics

I had a conversation in the workplace on the concept of trending topics relating to thought leadership, I disagreed with my colleagues opinion, which resulted in me writing Thought Leadership Capitalising on Trending Topics.

It’s difficult to get trending topics right, and as a marketing team, collectively you need to decide what your strategy is going to involve. Businesses have produced some absolutely epic fails over the years, with loosely tying in their subject or products to a trending topic. Just because it's trending, doesn't mean you need to jump on the bandwagon. Content should absolutely always be relevant to your business, because sometimes it just doesn’t work.

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