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One Big Fat Reason I love engaging with LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are a fantastic way of sharing your content. Groups are also great for starting interesting discussions with other like minded people. Once you find the correct group for you, it's a really fab way of engaging and communicating with other people. I'm a member of several groups and quite often share content within those groups, either to ask questions, inform and share content. This is an example of one peice of content I shared in a Linkedin Group and how successful it was.

Related Post 1 conference + LinkedIn = a phone call I was running a workshop with a group of 10 gradudates, the topic we where focusing on was the overuse of email in a corporate environment, I wanted to look at other communication tools available in the business, and discuss with the group if we should be using other digital tools to communicate and collaborate with our colleagues. Being all digital natives, they were very enthusastic to discuss this topic.

Why I post in Linkedin Groups

Before the workshop started, I wrote a blog on the Topic, Is this the end of Email #ReplyToAll with the intention of sharing this with a Linkedin Group before the workshop started, what I wanted to do was get an overall impression of what other like minded digital users thought about the topic. And what a reaction I received, members of this particular group where very generous with their comments and very keen to put forward their experiences and vote in the poll I had set up in my blog entry.

Asking the Right Questions

Asking the right question, in the right group can result in excellent engagement and traffic back to your blog or webpage. In one day after posting into a Linkedin Group, I received just over 400 pageviews to my blog entry. Not only was I thrilled with this response, people also voted in the poll and this resulted in an excellent discussion during the Workshop with the Graduates.

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