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Is 30,000 enough?

There is a limit of 3,000 connection invitations and an unlimited number of followers. 30,000 is a lot of people to manage on your LinkedIn feed, and having more than 3,000 connection invitations at one time seems like hard work. 30,000 is actually higher than the population of my home town in New Zealand, Otaki, which is around 6,000.

I would struggle to engage with 30,000 people, but at that level, it's all about you. Other members are connected with you because of the insight and content you are sharing and possible business opportunities.

I'm not connected with anyone who has that many connections, although there are a couple which have over 5,000. Could you really know that many people?LinkedIn recommends "only connect with people you know" which is outlined in the LinkedIn User Agreement.

Is 30,000 enough? Claire M Roper

Who has 30,000 connections?

Recruitment Agents - An effective recruitment professional who connects with all their candidates would be able to get into the tens of thousands of connections.

Celebrity Business Entrepreneurs - Those who appear on the Apprentice, or more famous business people such as James Cairn, Debra Meadon and Richard Branson could very easily reach those numbers.

Linkedin Super Networkers - Then there are the LinkedIn super Networkers, who have a large connection base and a handful of these people have published LinkedIn Pulse articles and are clearly not happy with the 30,000 connection cap.

"The average Number of LinkedIn Connections is 930" - TWEET THIS STAT But what about us everyday folk? To me 930 seems achievable, to to some, they might not be that bothered.

I have (at the time of this blog) 836 connections, my aim is to reach 1,000, I estimate it will take me less than 12 months to reach. If I aim for 15 new connections a month, I'll most definitely reach the target. I'll achieve this with a combination of networking events, connecting with new colleagues, suppliers and new connection requests from other members.

I'm perfectly happy with a "smaller" number of connections and don't have ambitions to ever reach the dizzying heights of 30,000 connections. For me, 30,000 is more than than enough.

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