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The stars of the future - if you think you can, you can

A few days ago I was invited by a London based youth charity, FurtureVersity to attended the Vlogstar Challenge Awards 2017, supported by Jack Petchey Foundation and Media Trust in partnership with YouTube and the Evening Standard at the BAFTA London.

I was looking forward to attending the event, but I did go with a preconceived idea these young people would be self indulged, socially affected with subject matter ranging from hairstyles, make up, celebrity and toilet humour. Well shame on me! I couldn't have been more wrong.

The Stars of the Future - if you think you can, you can. Claire M Roper

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Surprise, Surprise

This group of young people surprised me with their humility, humour and a vision of a future they crave for all of us. They were extremely talented, and conveyed their viewpoints with a maturity way beyond their years.

The evening has fun, light hearted, full of laughter, but with a underlying sense of social responsibility and education. Hosted by the incredibly hilarious and illuminating Kat, it was pitched perfectly.

The Fifteen

All the finalists deserve a mention

  • Sumayyah Bailey: Who Am I?

  • Marsha Nsiah: Why am I on YouTube?

  • Rhiannon Namon: How the Media Focus on Women

  • Fabienne Malkinson: Food for Thought: Masaru Emoto and Water

  • Lily Freeston: The Young Social Entrepreneur Series

  • Kelete Mbele: Hip-hop dance evolution

  • Janell Yeo: Classical music listening club