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Why you shouldn't ignore customer queries on social media

Social media brings us closer to our customers. We are able to gauge real time responses and immediately engage with our followers. When it comes to customer engagement businesses are now expected to instantly respond to queries or complaints submitted on social media.

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Social media responses are now a vital element of your social media strategy.

Simply not responding to genuine queries and questions is no longer an option. This can reflect badly on your brand and perhaps damage all the hard work you have put into increasing your profile.

Creating Customer Engagement Guidelines

Here are four categories every business should insert into their customer engagement strategy.

  1. Response Times - Put in place an internal response time for all enquiries, this is determined by the size of your social media team and how often you receive queries.

  2. Response Messaging - Creating a library of standard response messages with links and hashtags for typically asked questions will help your team respond quickly and effectively.

  3. Trolls - There is a huge difference between genuine social media enquiries, questions or complaints and Trolls. There are a few ways to deal with Trolls which should be written into your overall social strategy: Publicly respond to initial message with facts. Send a direct message asking the individual to contact you directly via a business email. Or if the responses increase and are unreasonable, mute and/or block the user

  4. Liking, commenting or sharing - Deciding on when as a business you should like, comment or share engagement from your followers can have a huge impact on your online presence, putting into place guidelines on response level too engagement will help your team be consistent.

88% of consumers believe unaddressed complaints on social make them less likely to buy - Social Sprout

Argos Smashing Customer Engagement

Customer engagement shouldn't be forgotten or considered a last minute function, getting it right can really help your business. And when it comes to amazing customer service engagement this is my all time favourite customer service response.

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