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Are you confident to be your Authentic Self

I recently attended an Out In Tech event hosted by LinkedIn with my colleague Matthew. I’m an open and accepting person of all cultures and communities, but this event opened up an entirely new conversation for me.

LGBTQ+ Community in the Workplace

It raised issues I’d never considered before and gave me an insight into the reality of the LBGT community in the workplace. I’d only ever, selfishly I guess, considered how my own needs are effected in the workplace, sexism, women’s rights, equal pay, maternity policies, and parental leave. I’d never once considered for a moment how a colleague would cope dealing with their transition and the effect this would have on them in the workplace.

Claire Roper, are you confident to be your Authentic self

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Workplace Ally’s

I’d never thought before how it must feel to the only gay or lesbian person in the office. And I certainly had zero understanding what a workplace Ally was. I have family, friends and colleagues from all walks of life. I grew up in a small town in New Zealand which has a very strong, proud and inclusive indigenous cultural identity. I now live in London which is one of the biggest multicultural and diverse cities in the world. Matthew Smith, a champion of diversity and inclusion has introduced me to an entirety new way of understanding diversity in the workplace. He introduced me to being a workplace Ally.

A workplace Ally is another colleague who will help, support and encourage you in the workplace. They will offer you friendship, advise and listen to your thoughts, opinions and issues. A workplace Ally is basically someone who’s “got your back.

Are you able to be your true Authentic self?

In the workplace, Identifying with who you truly are in a safe environment is paramount to individuals being able to thrive in their careers, and of course in turn will increase producti