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Julie Daniel and the Leopard print boots

Confidence, where do we find it? Some days I can rock it, other days, mmm not so much. But in general I’m a pretty confident person, which is why I was drawn to Julie Daniel, the Chic Stylist. An equally confident women. Fashion has always been a big part of my life, I love it, it’s a great way to express yourself. I started my career as a window dresser for a women’s fashion chain, so it’s always been in my blood. But since becoming a Mum I’d lost a bit of my identity and a little bit of my confidence had disappeared. I was busy being Mum of three instead of being me.

Just over two years ago I decided I needed to find myself again and funnily enough, that’s when I met Julie at a friends BBQ. She was just embarking on her new business as a fashion stylist and entrepreneur. And as I embarked on a journey to gain back my confidence, become more healthy and change my mind set, Julie was also carving a way for herself as a successful business women. I followed her on social media, and watched her career progression. Seeing other strong successful women thriving and achieving their goals is a huge inspiration.​

I’ve now regained my confidence, lost a bit of weight in the process, changed my hair and now I’m feeling really good. Which was perfect timing as I attend Julie’s first London based event, Style in the City Masterclass. She discussed personal branding, body image and finding your own personal style. Julie (dressed in a royal blue dress and amazing zebra striped boots) was engaging and full of energy and shared her tips and tricks on how to wear your clothing as well as how to wear your confidence.

The vibe of the event was summed up perfectly by another attendee “Julie’s advice has given me the permission I needed to wear my body, and find my own style”.

So this morning on my way to the office, in my skinny jeans, leather jacket and funky leopard print boots, I’m doing me: I’m owning my look and I’m owning my confidence. Thanks Julie x


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