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My Month With No Mobile Data

Last month all my Mobile data was used up in on foul swoop. I'm still not sure what or who the culprit was), so that meant I was left with no data for an entire month and had to totally rely on WiFi or Hotspotting. I thought it was going to be difficult, but as it turns out, it's not as bad as I had thought!

In the Workplace

At work I was able to use the WiFi, so problem solved from 9-5!

Friday Nights

I was meeting up with friends, that's were I had to select a restaurant with WiFi, another problem solved by going to Pizza Union. Although I was unable to give my pals a minute by minute detailed commentary of my journey - I don't think that was such a bad thing anyway.

Ordering an Uber

I needed to order my Uber home, but thankfully McDonalds free WiFi allowed me to order my Uber!

Grocery Shopping

Tesco and Sainsbury (although other grocery stores are available) offer free WiFi!

At Home

I of course have WiFi at home, so didn't go without, but there was the unusual experience of walking through my front door and my phone would start beeping with messages I hadn't received while without my WiFi, making me feel a little like a superstar!


At a conference I was able to tweet to my hearts content using the free WiFi.

It was tricky, I'm a digital marketing expert, so felt a little 'off-line' without my data, but in the end I survived, going off grid wasn't that bad, would I do it again, probably not, but if I do accidentally end up with no data, at least there's free WiFi and hotspotting...


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