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Technology on Public Transport (Smart Phones, Headphones and Tablets)

I work from home, so catching the train in the morning rush hour isn't something I'm used to. I recently went to a conference and had do just that, a morning rush hour train. It wasn't as bad as I remembered from my days of commuting. One person chatting on his phone, but he was fairly discrete, another person listening to music through headphones (perhaps time to invest in fancy noise cancelling headphones) and one women who apologised to the rest of the carriage when downloading a podcast and couldn't work out how to mute the volume - it was more funny than annoying as she handled the situation with ease.

Using Technology on Public Transport

This made me wonder, what are the unofficial guidelines for electronic devices when on public transport? Officially TFL ask you to turn down your headphones. Here are a few things which I'd try my hardest never to do on public transport:

  • Phone calls on Loud Speaker

  • Being able to hearing Music through someones Headphones

  • Phone Buttons which 'beep'

  • Playing Music through your phone

  • Very Loud one sided conversations

  • Long finger nails tapping on the screen

  • Playing games with volume on

  • Skype or FaceTime conversations


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