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What Ate All My Data?

I would struggle without my phone

Mobile phones we all have them, infact if I looked into my back catalogue I've been using mobile phones since 1998, my first was a red brick Motorola with no texting capability (and almost useless as none of my friends had a mobile).

I then moved onto a little black and blue Nokia, with no Text function, next was an Actatel, with a very basic text interface and my first pay-as-you-go. After this I upgraded to a little white Panasonic which not only did it have texting capabilities, the phone boasted a camera with a function to text those images!

Claire Roper: What ate all my data?

I then found the light and got my first iPhone, since then I've been all appled up.

Modern phones are a far cry from the solid bricks I used to own, but this weekend I came across a similar issue to my old pay-as-you-go, all my data had been consumed over the course of one Saturday afternoon - leaving me to totally rely on WiFi or hot spotting. As a social media person, this was 'Not cool'. So what had eaten all my data? This was a very unusual occurrence, I rang my provider to see if they could help?

"Due to the privacy act, we can't tell you what has used all your data" What!

I checked my mobile settings.

WiFi Assit

Lets you automatically switch over to mobile data if you end up on a Wi-Fi connection which is poor, that's great, but it can drain your WiFi. It's easy to switch back to this option, head to settings, and mobile option. My next stop, check out my Apps, what if they were the culprits and sucking up my precious data?


Did you know videos and photos auto play when you open your Facebook App, I changed my settings to AutoPlay on "Wifi Connections Only"

Twitter @ClaireMRoper

Similar to Facebook, you can change your App settings, under the Tab Data Usage, Auto Play Video to "WiFi only"

SnapChat MrsClaireMRoper

On this App it's called TravelMode, and you'll find this under Settings, then Manage. When your in Travel mode it reduces the amount of Mobile Data used, just tap to load new snaps.

Instagram ClaireMRoper

Head to your options and simply select mobile data use, it may effect videos or photos loading, but so far I haven't had this problem.

It seems to have helped, my data isn't being rapidly consumed, give it a go if you have any other suggestions let me know!


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