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Should You Announce The Birth Of Your Baby On Linkedin?

Telling your friends and family you are pregnant is an amazing moment, and announcing it at work can also be just as amazing.

After what can feel like nine long months, finally the arrival of your little bundle of joy has come and as a proud parent, you want to announce it to the world, send out all those lovely photographs of your newborn baby and share with the world your excitement. I totally get it, I'm a mum of three and I felt all those things when I had my babies. But what is the best way to announce the arrival of your new family member?

In our world of social media, should we tell all of our networks on all of our social media channels about the new arrival, or do you keep it selective? I choose to be selective when it comes to sharing content on different networks, I have of course told my family and friends and there are certain business connections I have told, although it was pretty obvious when they saw me waddling around very heavily pregnant.

Linkedin Baby Announcement?

How do you feel about this? Sharing with all your connections on a professional business networking platform the birth of your child, is this something we should be doing? Me personally, no I won't be sharing the arrival of my child on Linkedin. But I understand why people do it. One of the greatest achievements in life is having a child.

Having a child teaches us Compassion, Time Management, Negotiating skills, Managing conflict, Multi-tasking, and overall life skills which are all easily converted into a working environment.

"But will we then become inundated with Linkedin announcements and pictures of everyone's little bundle of joy?"

Two Camps - yay V nay

There are usually two different camps on baby announcements, those who aren't that bothered and think it's not relevant for a corporate world and those, who think it's amazing and wonderful and will congratulate you.

If you do decide to announce your baby's arrival on Linkedin, I would consider being a little clever about it and writing a post which links together the wonder of having a child with a corporate environment, sound's tricky? Yes it can be, but here are few clever baby announcements previously posted on Linkedin:

If writing a Linkedin Pulse article is not your style, some members have simply posted a photograph with a small description. I'm a parent and feel a connection with what this Linkedin Member has written, although not everyone will.

If you do go for it, and decide to announce your pregnancy or birth of your child on Linkedin be prepared for perhaps a few comments from other Linkedin members who feel your post is more 'Facebook' or 'Instagram' worthy.

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