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How to turn a Powerpoint Presentation into a Video

Content is King and that king, well he likes his content in visual form, be that video or interactive infographic. 83% of us learn visually so it's no wonder visual content is on the rise! I love finding new ways to create fun and intersting videos, by using online platforms, and taking advantage of simple ways I can create animated videos essentially for free. So, embracing the visual, I explored ways of using Powerpoint as medium to for animated video.

This blog post looks at how your can create a powerpoint presentation as a Video, and some tips and tricks on how to create your very own Video using powerpoint.

Powerpoint As a Video

Did you know you can save your powerpoint presentation as a Video? Once you've created your presentation, simply save as a Video option from your drop down menu.

Here's one I did earlier

So here's the animated video I created using Powerpoint, which is a story of a little bird finding his way home, this animated video was created for a very specific audience. I had to use quite a few slides to ensure the animated bird looked like he was flying, but I think the results are pretty cool considering I was using powerpoint.

Top Tips

So here are a few tips when when turning your powerpoint presentation into video.

  1. Don't use too much Powerpoint animation when creating your presentation.

  2. You may have to create quite a few slides to get the "look", don't be afraid if you have around 30ish slides for a 30 second video.

  3. Watch the powerpoint presentation through from end to end and ensure you are happy with the look and feel

  4. You may need to save it as a Video and watch it through to ensure your Slide Transistions are looking good. Then delete the video and edit the the presentation.

  5. Save your powerpoint presentation first, then ensure you use the Save As option to create your Video.

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