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My Top Tip for creating Digital Images in minutes!

Creating funky images for your blog, website, social media and offline documentation, can be a bit of a nightmare and I wasn't really satistfied with any of the solutions I had. That is of course, until I discovered - in one word #Awesome! This amazing free platform allows you to create super cool downloadable images for all your digital needs. There are templates available for pre-determing the size you need, from Twitter, Facebook, blogging, e-books, the list go's on including creating your own customise size.

I use Canva all the time, quick, simple and easy to use. Canva will provide you with existing templates or if your feeling creative, you can start from scratch.

How much does it cost?

The majority of Canva is free, including creating and downloading your designs, but there is also the option of purchasing images for $1.00, I've never needed to do this, but on the grand scheme of things $1.00 is pretty cheap!

Image Library

Not only are there images provided, you are also able to upload your own images to create your design. It's a collaborative dream, options available to get inspiration, learn how to design by joining the Design School and sharing your designs with other Canva users.

Here's one I did earlier

I'm no designer, but it literally takes me minutes to create individual images for my blog headers, sometimes I create from scratch or sometimes I use the existing templates, either way the results are cool. Once you've created your images, simply select from the download options, my preference is Download Image for Web, Canva downloads directly onto your desktop into the same file each time.

I hope you have as much fun and satisfaction over designing your own images as I do, visit Canva's website, and have a go, happy designing!


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