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Tailors Day

So many annual days, which one do you choose? Today is Tailors Day, I don't have a Tailor, I purchase all my clothing online, I'm a Digital Shopper, as my three small children are completely allergic to the shops. But I totally understand the benefits of a good tailored piece of clothing, but the last time I wore something bespoke was my wedding day in 2009!

To celebrate Tailors Day, Days of The Year Website Recommends:

"A day where people are encouraged to dress their best and to reach out and thank the person that helps them achieve their high level of elegance."

In celebration of Tailors Day, here's a costume I made for Mr 5, made with love by being sewed into my White Shirt and Black belt, Mr 5's trousers and Dad's sock. This Image was created using a Photo Editing App called Video Text.

You might also like to check out a very cool Blog written by Digital Retail expert Christana Petrou, called "The Evolution of Retail" - it's well worth a read.


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