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Social media strategy - Virgin Trains

As the social media expert within the digital transformation team at DXC, I successfully provided the the consulting team with a vision for social media at Virgin Trains. I hosted social media workshops with the digital marketing, customer service and social media team at Virgin Trains to develop an understanding of their tone of voice and social personality, how the front line staff deal with real-time social media comments from the public.

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Covid 19

COVID-19 digital strategy - Porirua City Council

Created a fluid and real-time digital strategy to manage Porirua City Council, Te Rauparaha Arena and Porirua Libraries during the Lockdown period. Working as part of the integral Communications and Marketing team, I managed the web and social media plan, including collaborating in realtime, website updates, emergency banner, daily social media reporting and using social media tools to monitor online discussions.

Social media reporting, social media digital tools, content scheduling, emergency website banner, welfare landing page, emergency messaging, Porirua Library and Te Rauparaha website management, Business Hub, Love Local Campaign.


Porirua City Council, Te Reo Māori digital strategy

We partner with Ngāti Toa Rangatira, to honour our commitment to mana whenua and the Treaty of Waitangi. We work together to protect and preserve our city’s natural resources and build a great future for Porirua City.

This is also present in our digital strategy, and working with the Maori representative, I created a social media and web strategy including Te Reo Māori into digital platforms. Social media posts include Te Re Māori, as well as adding headings to webpages, Official Information Act, to more indepth language translations throughout the website. Did you know videos, the Long Term Plan Video included Māori and Tongan languages. The website will soon incorporate Te Reo Māori on the home page and main landing pages.

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Social media strategy - Pātaka Art Museum

Working closely with the strategic leadership team at Pataka Art Museum in Porirua, I helped devise a social media strategy which suited their needs and capabilities. With three different business units feeding into a Facebook Page needed a different approach, together we created a strategy which allowed each unit to have it's own voice, and trained team members on how to create beautiful images and engaging posts on social media.

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Digital marketing strategy - Porirua City Council

I created the digital strategy for Porirua City Council, from website updates and enhancements, social media for the community and employees, and the introduction of a blogging platform. Working closely with the web developer we streamlined the processes of the website to create a more function and operational platform.

This included working with the Health & Safety Team and HR to formulate a process of protecting staff and managing health and wellbeing with negative and abusive comments.

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Love Local - Porirua Facebook group strategy

I created the strategy for Love Local online directory, local businesses submit their business details through an online form. An organic and paid social media campaign was created to run across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn encouraging community members and local business owners to engage with both the Facebook Group and the Online Directory. This Group saw a huge serge of members within the first few days of being launched. With continued membership over the weeks, this group is a positive and engaging platform for local community and business owners to communicate and market their ethos to the community.

Check out the Facebook Group here


Technology helps honour veterans - QR Codes

Telling the stories of some of the veterans at rest in Porirua Cemetery has become a lot easier.

I worked closely with the Cemetery Manager and completed the installation of 16 QRS codes on distinctive red posts in the cemetery, off Kenepuru Dr. Visitors can scan the codes with their smartphone and it takes the user to the Council cemeteries website, where they can read a little more about the person buried in that gravesite.

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Trolls, spammers and abusive customers

Social media platforms will always have trolls, spammers and people who leave abusive comments. I wanted to be mindful of our employees and the rest of the community, has these types of individuals can have a damaging effect on your brand, employees wellbeing and the community.

I worked closely with the HR team to devise of a process which was applicable to Porirua City Council, and safeguarded the team. This included online guidelines for the community and a flow chart which maps the process of reporting inappropriate comments.

At the Office

Global thought leadership - Condeco Software

Thought leadership is important for a business to create engagement and raise your profile across your industry. I spoke to the team individually to introduce the thought leadership programme, starting with the most engaged team members. 

To introduce diversity and inclusion within the UK team, I imbedded a mini diversity and inclusion strategy into the existing thought leadership programme which gave a voice across the departments, from this we were able to produce a range of engaging, exciting and topical thought leadership articles.

Visit the blog here:

Online Tutorial

Digital online resource hub - Condeco Software

As part of a global rollout of content, a digital online resource hub was created to offer customers a central location to find, read, download and engage with all existing and new content. Created the global content hub, mapping existing content, managing and creating all content for Condeco globally.  

I also created a matrix using industry keywords which began the search engine functionality on the live site. Using the matrix allowed me to map out our existing content, which allowed me to plan and strategically align new content. 


Check it out here

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Chatter Challenge - SoLX Consulting

A successful organic social media campaign created for a implementation company.

This company were huge users of a tool called Chatter.I challenged the CEO to use Chatter for one month as her primary communication tool. Daily posts were published on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, using the hashtag #ChatterChallenge.  

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Digital strategy - Podcast

Working closely with Eve Laws the founder of Poopology Podcast and Women Ltd, I created a robust and fluid digital strategy which was able to work with the ever changing landscape of podcasts.

Warrior Women explore the good, the bad and shitty complexities of modern life for a modern tribe.


Check out the website here:

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Recruitment strategy collaborating with LinkedIn

Working closely with the HR team, we devised a strategy which used social media, Twitter and LinkedIn to drive an online recruitment strategy across all platforms globally. I collaborated with our LinkedIn Consultant to utilise LinkedIn Company page to it's fullest effect, created the framework and strategy and a future plan for content.

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GlassDoor digital recruitment strategy

As well as ustalising LinkedIn Company page as the basis for a recruitment strategy, I also advised the HR team on the best content strategy for Glass Door globally, I created the framework for content, imagery and end user experience.


UK Twitter strategy - Condeco Software

Implemented a successful Twitter strategy to grow the UK Twitter channel, through engagement, branded material, animated gifs, through content sharing, and thought leadership. This strategy raised the profile of the UK channel to become a thought leadership knowledge base on Workplace, Technology and Innovation. 

This strategy also incorporated using our own work force in twitter campaigns, as well as an external programme to run alongside the internal changes, which included becoming active, increasing followership creating a social community and improving the overall impression rating.

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Digital strategy - FutureVersity

Working closely with a London based charity FutureVersity, I created an evergreen roadmap, and seasonal content strategy for all their existing digital channels, as well as a 12-month digital marketing plan highlighting the summer programme. I customised a digital marketing strategy which focused on their core business attributes, Receptive, Sefl-Aware, Driven, Resilient, Informed and Self-assured. 


As well as the annual report, Vacation Education programme and volunteer courses. I also focused on internal digital and social media training for employees.

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eCommerce digital solutions

I was contacted by Rajbinder Kandola to provide eCommerce solutions for her start-up digital fashion business, Husna Boutique. Discussing her business plan and strategy, eCommerce solutions such as Shopify, digital marketing and social media solutions.