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Social media is all about being social, talking to people, reaching out, asking questions, sharing ideas and engaging with each other. I have created many social media campaigns from small to large, from organic to paid across a wide range of topics and industries.

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LinkedIn Influencer: Dale Dupree

I worked closely with Dale Dupree, Founder and CEO of the Sales Rebellion and LinkedIn influencer who created a personal video highlighting his experience on LinkedIn and how he reached thousands of followers and enhanced his business. This was for a workshop I was running at Porirua City Council for internal and external audiences.

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LinkedIn Influencer: Lisa Nolan

I worked closely with Lisa Nolan, Growth & Lifecycle Marketing Leader at LinkedIn and LinkedIn influencers who created a personal video of her top tips for creating a LinkedIn profile. This was for a workshop I was running at Porirua City Council for internal and external audiences.

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COVID-19 Social Media 

A considered organic social media campaign created to highlight projects and offerings, using subtly animated gif files across Twitter.

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Partnering with LinkedIn

While working at a Global Technology firm there was a growing need for employees to understand the benefits of LinkedIn, working closely with representatives from LinkedIn, I created several workshops, which I ran throughout the business tailored specifically for internal departments and industry teams.

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Porirua Libraries BookFace competition

Seeking Porirua BOOK FACE art!

The Porirua Libraries have eight DVD vouchers to give away if they publish your Bookface creation. Head over to the Porirua Libraries. Facebook page and post your Bookface photos in the pinned post, or send them your Bookface photo via Facebook messenger.

Digital social media

Awario - social media monitoring tool

I introduced Awario, a social media monitoring platform that monitors keywords on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, news, blogs, forums, and the Web. Unlike most social media monitoring tools, Awario provides you with both real-time and historical data.

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School holiday programme, 2021

Nau mai! Haere mai! I worked with the Porirua City Libraries to promote their 2021 School Holiday programme, "Read Around the World, unleashing your imagination and creative side". By using social media, evenfinda, the website and digital newsletters.

London Town

Twitter banner competition

We asked our talented workforce to send in their photographs from around the UK and Ireland, to appear as the banner on the official UK Twitter page. With the tagline "No more boring stock photos", by tapping into our employees' passion for photography and the natural surroundings, we wanted to showcase both our talented workforce and the beautiful locations of the UK and Ireland.

  • 250 Photographs submitted

  • Created engagements across the region

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Christmas Countdown 2020, Te Rauparaha Arena

Celebrate the countdown to Christmas with Te Rauparaha Arena. From 12 December - 23 December, enter the daily competitions on our Facebook page and go into the draw to win some awesome prizes! 
Prizes included: Family pool passes, kids 10 trip to the pool, adult 10 trip to the pool, Goggles, Zogs Togs, one term of dash swimming lessons, prize bundles, 6 months Arena Fitness membership, a birthday party at Cannons Creek Pool and more.

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Porirua Library, School Holiday Programme 2020

Welcome to Porirua Libraries’ first Imagine This! festival. It’s an all Covid-19 Alert Levels experience, which means: Level 1 – events go ahead at locations, dates and times as scheduled. Please note the RSVP requirements for limited admission events. Level 2 or higher – all events will happen via the Porirua Libraries Facebook page’s Children’s Chat group at their original dates and times.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Working with several diverse women across the Workplace Industry, I collated a blog called "10 Influential Women on Twitter. These women are trailblazers who are revolutionising our environments. They included women from all backgrounds, working mothers, plus size models and Transgender Women.

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Facebook & salesforce integration to generate leads

The Dashboard Vote was based on a blog 10 Sales and Pipeline Charts, (which explains to customers how to manage your sales team using 10 complex charts and reports).  Using the five most popular charts, Working with Zac Thorne, Milk it Design, a successful voting page in Facebook was created.


Using social media to enhance recruitment

Social media can be a great tool to enhance your already existing recruitment strategy, by creating a theme or template which users can identify each time it is used.

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2020 Waitangi Day Instagram Take-Over

Wanting to embrace the under 25's and the spirit of Waitangi Day, we asked Daryl from the Te Rauparaha Arena team to do a social media take-over, he took photos of events, entertainers and visitors. Spoke with the Mayor and a representative from Ngāti Toa.  

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2020 Children's Day Take-Over

As it's children's day, why not let the kids take the lead! We empowered a team of young people at our children's day event at Aotea Lagoon to take over Porirua City Council's social media platforms and create their own content to share in real time on the day. It was a fantastic result, and the kids (and parents) really enjoyed themselves.

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Digital Tour of Kings Cross, London

Capture the Colourful word around you using Social Media take our customers, employees and suppliers on a digital tour of the office and the surrounding area. Showcasing strategic employees, the office, surrounding areas, iconic buildings and place names in the Kings Cross area. 

  • Generated interest from surrounding businesses

  • Increased Followers by 15%

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Instagram Campaign

A fun and interactive organic Instagram campaign to encourage employee engagement across regional offices employee engagement on Instagram. Each quote included a link to a Thought Leadership on CSC blogging platform.

  • Impressions 56,000

  • Increased Followers by 10%


Countdown to Christmas

A mini organic twitter campaign with a countdown to Christmas using an advent calendar and existing content. Using the theme of an advent calendar to encourage our followers to download content while keeping with the Christmas theme.


Summer time Tweets

A successful orangic twitter campaign which focused on promoting Condeco products with our very own employees, with a secondary function of promoting employee engagement.

using our very own employees paired with tongue in cheek comments, which matched up to existing thought leadership. This campaign was designed to encourage engagement from the team and get them initially involved with social media.


Meet the Sales Team

A successful orangic twitter campaign which focused on promoting Condeco products with our very own employees, with a secondary function of promoting employee engagement.

using our very own employees paired with tongue in cheek comments, which matched up to existing thought leadership. This campaign was designed to encourage engagement from the team and get them initially involved with social media.


A-Z of Products

A fun organic twitter campaign which highlighted a product, process or people with Condeco. A series of Twitter posts from A-Z, which all linked back to either thought leadership, product pages or video.

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Love Local Facebook group

During New Zealand's COVID-19 lockdown, I worked with the Principal Marketing Advisor and created a Love Local Facebook group for Porirua business owners to communicate with each other and with the public.


Women of Condeco campaign

An evergreen landing page focusing on Women in Technology, interviews and articles from Thought Leaders globally spanning a range of talent. This social media campaign focused on the women at Condeco and drove all links back to the landing page.

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Product campaign on Twitter

Paid twitter campaign promoting Condeco room booking management system called Connect. A series of twitter tiles with A/B testing, including messaging and imagery. To compliment this was a Landing page a twitter banner.

Impressions 780,000  I  Link Clicks 11,573. I  New Followers 30%

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Valentines Day campaign

A very simple but very effective series of twitter tiles, incorporating brand and represented a series of published thought leadership articles, all of the twitter tiles linked back to one central thought leadership article, "For the Love of Technology".

  • Impressions 15,500

  • Engagements 250

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Easter Tweets

Tasked with creating a mini social media campaign based around technology, easter and incorporating the brand. Creating two branded tweets and a corresponding landing page which highlighted five thought leadership articles on retail. 

  • Impressions 14,000

  • Mention Reach 4.3K

  • Engagement Rate 1.3%


Halloween Campaign

A mini organic twitter campaign which focused on promoting Condeco blogging platform subscriptions merged with Halloween! Designed to encourage people to subscribe to the Condeco blog. This was used with a play on words with Halloween.


I love Porirua - 2020 Valentines Day campaign

Too engage with the younger generation of Porirua, I created a Valentines Day campaign, where we encourage young people to draw a picture of there favourite thing about Porirua. This was then judged by Porirua's youngest Councillor, Josh Trlin. We then shared 13 pictures each day leading up to Valentines Day, then on the 14th shared a collage of all the artwork. 


CSC - 2017 Valentines Day campaign

This Organic Twitter Campaign took 14 industries and products across the organisation and ‘mashed’ them together using a Valentines Day Theme, creating 14 catchy and cheeky images to post onto Twitter. The content was hosted on the UK Website, and each of the 14 industries or products linked back to a landing page on the global website.​