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2018 Partnership

Thought Leadership

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2018 Partnership

Thought Leadership

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Thought leadership is a powerful tool.

Businesses and individuals can become thought leaders in their field, but it's not for everyone. Those with a knack of writing, understanding industry and being able to consistently produce high-quality content wi find thought leadership and blogging extremely successful. Thought leadership is the perfect way to build trust with new audiences and leverage the credibility of your brand. Did you know 65% of buyers say thought leadership significantly changed the perception of a company, for the better, due to a piece of thought leadership. 

Worktech partnership

2018 PARTNERSHIP:  2018 Worktech Academy

Partnership: Condeco Software is part of the WorkTech Academy partner programme. WORKTECH Academy is the global online platform and community for the future of work and workplace. I worked closely with the Worktech Academy digital team to establish a partnership thought leadership programme. Providing content to their digital thought leadership platform which also included podcasts and webinars. 

inspired business media

2018 PARTNERSHIP: Inspired Business Media

Partnership: Inspired Business Media is a business events and digital media company that produce industry-led events and digital content for senior executives to learn and connect with other professionals. Along with the Global Events Director we worked closely with this team to develop an official partnership, allowing our teams access to upcoming industry-led events, roundtables, interviews and producing thought leadership content for the Inspired Business Media blog.

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2018 PARTNERSHIP: IWFM (Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management)

Working closely with the Global Marketing Manager we created a successful partnership with IWFM, collaborating digital content, thought leadership and speaking opportunties. The Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) is the body for workplace and facilities professionals. Existing to promote excellence among a worldwide membership community of around 14,000 and to demonstrate the value and contribution of workplace and facilities management more widely. 

salesforce blog

Solx Consulting | community blog

Working for a Salesforce Implementation company, SolX Consulting, I formed a partnership and enrolled the business onto the Community blog, created a strategy, wrote and curated articles, which complimented SolX Consulting business blog. 

Condeco's annual research report, collaborating with 760 workplace leaders globally.

Global workplace research | Condeco Software


Project managed and created the framework for Condeco's annual research report, collaborating with 760 workplace leaders globally. Examining trends driving change and considering whether businesses are prepared. 

Global Workplace Infographic | Thought leadership programme | Do you know your workplaces infographic | Smart Buildings Infographic | 2019 Workplace Research Paper

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Curated blog | Porirua City Council

I curated content from existing articles publish in the Discover Porirua Booklet onto the LinkedIn Company page. This was a great way to reuse existing content in a different format and audience.

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Influencer | A.I. Consultant Tracey Groves


I invited Technology and AI expert Tracey Groves, Founder and Director of Intelligent Ethics, to write a blog article for Women In Technology campaign which was part of a larger strategy, A.I. Voice Assistant strategy. Her blog The ethical consequences of Artificial Intelligence also appeared as a chapter in the eBook, Is the Workplace Ready for AI Assistants.

Ebook | Event | Influencer blogging | Thought leadership | Published articles

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Diversity & Inclusion programme | Condeco Software


Creating a diverse range of blog articles, including Women in Technology, being an LGBTQ+ Workplace Ally, Disabilities in the Workplace. I also collated a blog called "10 Influential Women on Twitter. These women are trailblazers who are revolutionising our environments. They included women from all backgrounds, working mothers, plus size models and Transgender Women. You might like to listen to: Transgender Conversation with Global Butterflies

Event presentation "Inclusive Technology" | Social Media | Thought Leadership | Digital Strategy

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Personal blogging | LinkedIn Pulse

I worked with Christina Petrou to encourage her to use LinkedIn Pulse as a blogging platform. Chrisitana already writes amazing content, we discussed her blog strategy which included her website and social media strategy. She is also very active on LinkedIn, and we worked together to ensure she was utilising LinkedIn to share and write her thought leadership.

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SolX Consulting | blog


Part of my role as Digital Marketing Manager was to manage the blog for SolX Consulting, which focused on strategy, solutions and tips to our customer base. It was a popular blog, with plenty of helpful information, including a blog 10 Charts and graphs to help manage your salesforce, which formed the basis of a very successful digital solution I created , Facebook and Salesforce integration.

Chatter Challenge | Event | Thought Leadership |