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Blogging is a way of life and creating blogging or thought leadership programme for your business is vital in our digital age! I've created and managed blogging and thought leadership programmes across a wide range of industries. And of course, write my own blog!


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Guest Blogger - Formula One engineer

As part of the 2018 Women in Technology campaign, I invited Bernadette Collins, Senior Strategy Engineer at Sahara Force India discusses her role within Formula One.

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Guest blogger: BBC presenter Penny Haslam

I worked with former BBC Presenter and Consultant Penny Haslam joined the Women In Technology campaign and wrote a thought leadership article on female empowerment in the workplace.


WorkTech Academy

Condeco Software is part of the WorkTech Academy partner programme. WORKTECH Academy is the global online platform and community for the future of work and workplace. I worked closely with the Worktech Academy digital team, I provided content to their digital thought leadership platform on a regular basis. The content was curated from the Condeco Workplace Matters blog.

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Guest blogger: is a digital platform which allows you to create infographics, I've used this platform several times to create effective infographics, for business and personal use. I was contacted by who invited me to be a guest blogger and discuss the power of Infographics. 


The Power of the Infographic 

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Global thought leadership strategy

Thought leadership is important for a business to create engagement and raise your profile across your industry. I spoke to the team individually to introduce the thought leadership programme, starting with the most engaged team members. A range of thought leadership articles have since been produced. 

To introduce diversity and inclusion within the UK team, I imbedded and a mini diversity and inclusion strategy into the existing thought leadership programme which gave a voice across the departments, from this we were able to produce a range of engaging, exciting and topical thought leadership articles. ​

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Guest blogger: A.I. Consultant Tracey Groves

I invited Technology and AI expert Tracey Groves, Founder and Director of Intelligent Ethics, to write a blog article for Women In Technology campaign, her blog The ethical consequences of Artificial Intelligence also appeared as a chapter in the eBook, Is the Workplace Ready for AI Assistants.

You might like to check out the ebook "Is the Workplace Read for A.I. Assistants"

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Diversity and Inclusion programme

Working with several diverse women across the Workplace Industry, I collated a blog called "10 Influential Women on Twitter. These women are trailblazers who are revolutionising our environments. They included women from all backgrounds, working mothers, plus size models and Transgender Women.

You might like to listen to: Transgender Conversation with Global Butterflies

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CSC blogging platform

Working with the Head of PR, together we Implemented the Blogging strategy for the UK within a Global Technology Firm. Responsible for creating relevant content, community participation and leadership whilst developing brand awareness, running blogging workshops for individuals and departments and cultivating story ideas.

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Women in Technology

An evergreen landing page focusing on Women in Technology, interviews and articles from Thought Leaders globally spanning a range of talent, representing Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership, Governance, Social Media, Workplace and working in male-dominated environments.

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Personal blogging: LinkedIn Pulse

I worked with Christina Petrou to encourage her to use LinkedIn Pulse as a blogging platform. Chrisitana already writes amazing content, we discussed her blog strategy which included her website and social media strategy. She is also very active on LinkedIn, and we worked together to ensure she was utilising LinkedIn to share and write her thought leadership.

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Community blog

I created a blog in my home town, Otaki, for locals to write, produce and create their own stories, from their favourite place to visit, childhood memories or favourite coffee shops.

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SolX Consulting - blog

My role was to manage the blog, which focused on strategy, solutions and tips to our customer base.